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Welcome to the Home and Garden page on Hive, where you’ll find an amazing array of books covering a huge area of subjects, all to help you with home improvement and garden maintenance. We’ve got books on growing fruit and veg, herbs, house plants, and the histories of gardens, right through to interior design, household maintenance manuals and environmentally-friendly house designs.

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Our top recommended Gardening Book

RHS Miniature Garden Grower : Terrariums & Other Tiny Gardens to Grow Indoors & Out - Holly Farrell

For the miniature garden grower, lack of space is not a problem.Who needs a large garden when a landscape can be created in a single pot, or an entire ecosystem in a glass terrarium?In fact, you don't need a garden or any kind of outdoor space at all! RHS Miniature Garden Grower shows you how to create tiny gardens that bring big rewards.The projects are divided into five styles. Each one starts...