Job Interviews in a Week : How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Seven Simple Steps, Paperback

Job Interviews in a Week : How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Seven Simple Steps Paperback


Job interviews just got easier Have you ever wondered why some people seem to succeed almost effortlessly whenever they go for an interview?

Perhaps they are just 'lucky'. We think not! Their performance, and ultimately their success, is the result of thorough personal preparation. You, too, can improve your ability and success through a combination of thought, training, practice and experience.

This book is your companion in the process. By setting time aside to read a chapter each day over the course of a week, you will be guided on your route to success: - Sunday - Understand the interview process so you know what to expect. - Monday - Do your research on the interview, the role and the organization so you can demonstrate your knowledge of their requirements. - Tuesday - Discover what differentiates you to make yourself the memorable candidate. - Wednesday - Prepare yourself for success to feel confident in the interview. - Thursday - Respond skilfully and be prepared for interviewers' questions and exercises. - Friday - Decide what questions you want to ask, to demonstrate being proactive. - Saturday - Put it all together and know that you have done all you can towards your success. You are now making the first significant investment in improving your interview performance to increase your chances of getting the job you want - congratulations!

Now read on ...and good luck.




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