2 States : The Story of My Marriage, Paperback

2 States : The Story of My Marriage Paperback

3 out of 5 (6 ratings)



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For its genre (ladlit), it was a readable book, and helped me pass the three hour flight from Delhi to Chennai Annanagar in double quick time. I had a further interest in it, being myself a southerner married to a North Indian sardarji. So the reactions of the families of the couple in love invoked a sense of deja vu. Though the comment he makes about South Indians making wonderful seconds-in-command but lacking the calibre to be leaders did hurt.The characterisation of the Tamilians in the book was very fitting. So also the sketches of Punjabis: I guess one can't blame him for drawing the their pictures more sympathetically, or highlighting their positive traits, as against the blandness and boringness of southerners, since he is from the community.I also totally understood his irrational linking up of getting a job with Citibank with committing to marry his girl friend. I do that often__ the linking up of two disparate and unconnected issues in a cause-and-effect relationship, and superstitious and stupid though it may sound, it happens just as one apprehends or anticipates.The actions of his father were least convincing. After portraying him as a monster, his better side is revealed at the end of the book, so that all ends well. This is the weakest part of the book.If you don't expect any high flown language or philosophy, go ahead and read it

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This has some brilliant insights on Indian middle class...absolute must for people who want to understand Indian Middle class. I loved it and couldnt put it down once i picked it up at Goa airport when I figured that my flight was delayed...I kept reading it till boarded my flight to Bangalore. I walked into my home reading the last page of this book...

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Chetan Bhagat is out with his latest best seller - 2 States. A story about a Punjabi boy and Tamil girl bridging the gap between North and South India and overcoming all the cultural differences that prejudice their families before uniting as one. It's a short novel, crisp and very Indian. Reminiscent of what lots of young people in India go through today. It is note-worthy that it is the younger generation that helps the older generation get over past prejudices and traditions that harm the society or individual. Said to be something of an autobiography, the plot moves smoothly enough, taking the readers from Ahmedabad to Delhi to Chennai to Delhi and back and forth these two cities poles apart in India. The language is full of Indianisms, and there is plenty of situational based humour - one is familiar with the sort of drama the young couple constantly find themselves in. While the book is a pleasant read it isn't particularly anything to write home about. It's just the sort of book one might want to take on a bus journey for some light reading.

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i loved chetans book this is the first time i read and i fell in love with the way he described the characters, the gripping story line ....and the story itself narrated in simple understanding english .....:)

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Love is a temporary madness. However in case of Mr. Bhagat it leads to severe psychosis with sprinkles of idiocy. The man thinks he is a NOVELIST. HELP!!!! Where’s my fucking Prozac!!!<br/>

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