Guilty Pleasure, Paperback

Guilty Pleasure Paperback

4 out of 5 (3 ratings)


Marty Matthews swore she would never allow herself to be drawn into the secret, forbidden pleasures that the women she had grown up with enjoyed.

Women whose husbands or lovers were members of the exclusive 'Club', where they took a selected 'third' into their beds.

Now, Marty is an FBI agent and her brand new case has put the one man she can't have in her sights.

Marty's boss is convinced Khalid is involved in a plot to derail talks between his uncle and the President to strengthen ties between the US and the Middle East, and he wants Marty to get close enough to Khalid to prove it.

However, Khalid is a member of the Club and he offers to introduce her to the kind of guilty pleasure Marty swore she would never experience. And even though danger lurks around every comer, there is no way to escape the man who threatens not only her control, but her very heart.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 320 pages, black & white illustrations
  • Publisher: Griffin Publishing
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Romance
  • ISBN: 9780312541866



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Review by

This addition to Lora Leigh's "Bound Hearts" series features all the essential points of the previous books: stunningly attractive men, a strong-willed woman, and cameo appearances by known characters, all set against the sexual tension of menege games. While some of the characters will be familiar to the reader from other "Bound Hearts" books, the vast majority have never been even mentioned before, making the connection to other books in the series mostly by association with "The Club". The cameos of familiar characters are very brief and often seem somewhat gratuitous, leaving the impression that the characters' appearances were more of a ploy to gain the support of longtime Leigh readers rather than a substantive addition to the plot.As with many of Leigh's "Bound Hearts" books, "Guilty Pleasure" also has mild overtones of suspense writing. This is effective as far as it goes. However, the story seems to rely heavily on Middle Eastern stereotypes and the anti-Arab sentiment of Post-9/11 USA, despite Khalid's role as leading man in the story. Unfortunately, what "Guilty Pleasure" also does not have is closure. Although the suspense aspect of the storyline is resolved, the relationship component is left at a sudden and unsatisfying stop. There is no "after" once the story's climactic danger scene is over. The book simply ends as if the publisher decided to save money on printing by eliminating the final chapter. Although it is an enjoyable read, complete with a number of steamy sex scenes, "Guilty Pleasure" is not one of Ms. Leigh's best works, even within the "Bound Hearts" series. While it adds to the overall "Bound Hearts" collective chain of stories, it is one of the weaker links.

Review by

I have waited for Khalid's story for a very long time and Ms. Leigh don't disappoint me. Khalid is all sexual, alpha male. He could be the dream man of so many women but he has only had one woman on his mind for a very long time. There was a haunting quality to Khalid that touched in such a way that I hoped he would finally take the woman that he watned so badly. His history is so sad and so wrong is so many ways. I can wait to see if his ass of a father finally gets what he deserves. I also hope that there is a solution for the Vince Deerfield problem in the next book. This is another man that needs to be taken out of the picture. I love these stories and while the original stories with Ellora's Cove were had more Domination/submission in them these are very hot. I look forward to several others that are part of the "club" having their own stories soon.

Review by

Oh, I really wish I had liked this book more. I don't know why, but I always seem to be somewhat disappointed by books that Lora Leigh writes. I think it has to do with her books all seeming to follow the exact same formula/outline.Even if the characters are supposedly from different backgrounds and face different struggles, they all seem to be the same. They all say the same things. (If I have to read the words "so pretty" by a guy who sees a girl in her underwear or sans underwear again, I think I might just scream.) They all have the exact same sex scenes. Her books might be okay for someone who just reads one of them, then never reads another story by her. For those of us who read more of her work, it starts getting a bit boring.

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