Whatever Makes You Happy, Paperback
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Matt, Daniel and Paul were childhood friends. Now in their thirties, they've lost touch and have only one thing in common: their mothers.

Little do they know that, having spent a cardless Mother's Day discussing how their emotionally dysfunctional offspring should be settling down, Carol, Gillian and Helen have decided to pay their wayward sons a visit.

On the same day, they turn up on their sons' doorsteps, uninvited and unannounced.

Their plan is to reestablish the mother-son bond by moving in for one week.

Just a week. Surely that's not a lot to ask




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When another Mother’s Day passes and friends Carol, Helen and Gillian have, yet again, not received a card or call from their 34-year-old sons, they decide it’s high time to reconnect. They make a pact to descend on their sons for an unannounced week’s stay and the result makes for a very funny, very British novel.With mixed success the meddling mothers gain a degree of understanding about the fraught lives of their unsettled sons. Helen acknowledges Paul’s homosexuality, Gillian appreciates Daniel’s grief over the break-up of his most recent relationship and, in the most humorous and most heartbreaking scenes, Carol begins to understand Matt’s obsession with the shallow high-life his editorial job at a sleazy men’s magazine provides. Chapters told from the various points of view provide a well-rounded look at the bumps, edges and comfy zones the complex mother-son relationships afford. The reaction of shock and horror from the young men is equally as funny as the maternal concern and good intentions of the mothers are heartfelt and endearing.With Nick Hornby-like wit and a dead-on eye for mother son dialogue, Sutcliffe has written a satisfying interpersonal relationship story that mixes humor and insight in equal doses.

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