A Hat Full Of Sky, Paperback book

A Hat Full Of Sky: Discworld Novel 32[Paperback]

by Terry Pratchett

4.39 out of 5 (38 ratings)

Random House Children's Publishers Uk 
Publication Date:
05 May 2005 
Fantasy & magical realism 


A real witch never casually steps out of her body, leaving it empty. Eleven-year-old Tiffany does. And there's something just waiting for a handy body to take over. Something ancient and horrible, which can't die...Wise, witty and wonderful, "A Hat Full of Sky" is Terry Pratchett's second novel about Tiffany and the "Wee Free Men" - the rowdiest, toughest, smelliest bunch of fairies ever. They'll fight anything. And even they might not be enough to save Tiffany...

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  • Eleven year old Tiffany Aching has to leave her family’s dairy farm in the Chalk and go to the mountains to learn how to be a witch. Her lessons, however, don’t turn out to be what she had hoped or expected. Tiffany can’t seem to manage the basics of what a real witch can do, ride on a broomstick, cast spells, or make shambles. She can do something no real witch would do as casually as she does, she can step out of her body, leaving it empty. Everything would be fine if she’d told her teachers what she could do or if something hadn’t followed her from the Chalk and was just waiting for her to do just that, leave her body vacant and just waiting to be taken over. She’s got no choice now but to learn fast and fight as hard as she can or her body’s going to hurt her friends and she’s going to be lost forever.A Hat Full of Sky is the second Tiffany Aching story, though the first is not required to read this one. It’s a fun and humerous adventure with foul mouthed fairies, flying broomsticks and the lessons one learns growing up with magical powers, with great power comes great responsibility. This story is quick paced and a true Discworld story full of odd and humerous quirks that have you laughing and smiling from start to finish. In 2005 it received a Locus Award for Best Young Adult Novel , a Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adolescent Literature, and was on the ALA Notable Children’s Book for Older Readers list. In 2007 it received a Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader’s Choice Award in the Senior category.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Although I love reading Pratchett's books, I had even more fun listening to the audiobook. The reader, Stephen Briggs, does all the right accents. Highly recommended to listen to even if you've read the book.

    5.00 out of 5


  • The Wee Free Men lead the reader (and Tiffany Aching) on a wild ride!

    5.00 out of 5


  • Hilarious Pratchett. Little blue men who drink a lot and want to hurt everyone. And one tough little girl who knows how to kick butt with a shoe. Eager to begin her apprenticeship in magic, Tiffany Aching is ready to leave her little village behind in pursuir of an exciting her future, but once out of the reach of her witch friends, Tiffany is left vulnerable to the strange presence that has been following her on her important journey.

    5.00 out of 5


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