A Special Relationship, Paperback book

A Special Relationship[Paperback]

by Douglas Kennedy

4.00 out of 5 (1 ratings)

Publication Date:
05 August 2004 
Modern & Contemporary 


Sally Goodchild is everything you'd expect of a thirty-seven year old American journalist - independent, strong-willed and ambitious. That is until she meets Tony Hobbs, an English foreign correspondent, on assignment in Cairo. After a passionate but uneasy romance, Sally's life is turned upside down when she unexpectedly finds herself married, pregnant and living in London. Married life in a foreign place is a far bigger adjustment than Sally and Tony could ever have imagined - and as their lives shift from freedom and adventure to responsibility and hard work, everyday problems soon spiral into nightmares. After the birth of their son, Sally finds herself trapped in a downward spiral of post-natal depression over which she has little control, whilst Tony's life returns to relative normality. Filled with resentment and unable to cope with the cards life has dealt her, Sally is shocked when the man she trusted above all others turns against her. As her world begins to fall down around her, Sally quickly realises she must fight before she loses everything. In this authentic and compelling novel, Kennedy explores the misunderstandings that can occur when two people speak the same language but miss all the vital signs.

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  • This book was quite a difficult book for me to read at this time but also proved impossible to put down. The story is fairly simple, journalists Sally and Tony met while working in Cairo and become lovers but very soon into their relationship Tony is called back to England and Sally discovers she is pregnant. They marry and Sally, an American, finds her new life in England to be very different to how she pictured it. Problems with her pregnancy lead to a horrific birth, a sick child, postnatal depression and a full on battle with the English legal system amid a messy divorce. I was in turn very upset and very angry about the treatment Sally receives from everyone and the incompetance of the so-called professionals who ignore her need for reassurance, answers and help. I'd recommend this book but it isn't an easy read and it really brings home to you how scary it must be to feel so alone and abandoned in a foreign place.

    4.00 out of 5


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