Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident, Paperback book

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident[Paperback]

by Eoin Colfer

3.82 out of 5 (53 ratings)

Penguin Books Ltd 
Publication Date:
07 April 2011 
Crime & mystery fiction 


"Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident" is the second book in the epicly good "Artemis Fowl" series by Eoin Colfer. Criminal Mastermind Artemis Fowl never stops scheming...Artemis' father has been missing for almost two years. His location? The Arctic Circle, where the Russian Mafiya are holding him prisoner. Now Artemis must execute a daring rescue operation to get his father back. But that's not his only problem. Since abducting one of an underground race of armed and dangerous fairies, Artemis has become their prime suspect for any human wrongdoing. Elfin Captain Holly Short has accused him of supplying illegal human power cells (aka AAA batteries) to the goblin gangs. There's going to be a terrifying uprising - but at least it will get Artemis away from his computer and he'll meet some new people. It's just a pity most of them want to kill him. "Hugely satisfying - not to be missed". ("Irish Independent"). "Engagingly vivid, exciting and witty". ("The Telegraph"). "Fast, funny and very exciting". ("Daily Mail"). "Artemis Fowl" was winner of the WHSmith Children's Book of the Year Award and Children's Book of the Year at the Children's Book Awards. It is shortlisted for the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year Award. Eoin Colfer was born and raised in Wexford in the south-east of Ireland. He began writing plays at an early age and, as an adult, continued to write. "Artmis Fowl", his first book featuring the brilliant young anti-hero, was an immediate international bestseller and won several prestigious awards.

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  • ** spoiler alert ** Artemis Fowl:The Artic incident is a wonderful book. It contains so much suspense, especially at the last part,where Artemis makes it look like he shot his father when he really didn't and used his own blood instead. Eoin Colfer has crafted a wonderful book about many challenges, as well as incorporating magic with it.I reccomend this book for anyone who likes suspense as well as fantasy and magic.Enjoy!!!!!

    5.00 out of 5


  • Review of Artemis Fowl #1&2Artemis is a genius criminal mastermind. The way he talks, it's hard sometimes to tell that he's own twelve. However, there are still signs: his single-minded obsessions to restore the Fowl family’s status, his willingness to believe in faeries, and his devotion towards his mother. With his imagination and genius, Artemis possesses the power to do one thing no Mud Man (human) has ever done before: wrangle faeries into parting with some of their precious gold.His greatest obstacle to achieving his goal comes in the unlikely heroine Captain Holly Short. The first female member of Recon, Holly continuously gets into trouble despite being one of Root's best subordinates. To her dismay, he expects much more of her than other members, though she eventually learns that he means the best. She has a colorful nature and will never fail to amuse readers with her smart aleck comments.I was delighted when the two came to work together in book two. Both characters are brilliant and outstanding in their respective fields, and both have charismatic personalities that command attention from those around them, both in their world and outside (the readers). I enjoyed seeing the two reconciliate with each other (over Artemis's schemes from book one). They are formidable as enemies but even more so when they combine their brains and firepower.Artemis Fowl’s dark brilliance and criminal exploits will leave you hankering for the next installment in the series. With his wit and great sense of humor, Colfer brings to readers of all ages a genius antihero, futuristic technology, mind games, and a bit of magic.

    5.00 out of 5


  • The child prodigy is back! I love the way he thinks and the way he is full of mystery. But the thing I like most of all in this book is that it showed Artemis' love and respect for his parents and the people who cares for him. Although I think he has problems showing his affection, you can see that he is still a kid, full of love and respect for his parents. He only wants a family. Although he does lack a child's innocence. Anyway, I loved this book! can't wait to read the eternity code.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Now I've re-read Artemis Fowl, and also read the second in the series, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. They were both gripping, action-packed and quick reads without insulting the intelligence of the targeted audience (it's a kids' series). They're truly books that you can't put down for long. As with the first one, The Arctic Incident focuses not so much on Artemis as the fairies and other magical creatures that become involved (or rather, dragged into) the young criminal's exploits, although you'll see that in AI the tables are turned and Artemis is the one dragged into the underground fairy world to help overthrow the goblin revolution. The plot equally centers around the fierce police captain Holly Short, the curmudgeony Commander Root, and my favorite, the paranoid-yet-brilliant centaur Foaly.

    5.00 out of 5


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