Crave, Paperback book


by J. R. Ward

3.52 out of 5 (23 ratings)

Little, Brown Book Group 
Publication Date:
07 October 2010 


The battle between good and evil has left the future of humanity in the hands of a reluctant saviour and his band of fallen angels. Seven deadly sins that must be righted. Seven souls that must be saved. Fallen Angel Jim Heron has completed his first task: helping Vin Di Pietro to redeem his soul. Now he must identify and battle a demon that can take any form. Worse still, his old boss Matthias wants him to assassinate Isaac, a member of The Firm who's gone AWOL - and Jim's pretty sure he's supposed to save him. But before Jim can get to Isaac to warn him, Isaac's picked up by the police for illegal street fighting. It's soon clear that he is falling for his gorgeous public defender - will their love redeem his soul? Or has the demon Devina, who's determined to see Jim fail, set an elaborate trap?

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  • Another excellent story from JR Ward. I held off on reading this for some reason, which ended up being a particularly dumb thing to do. I was engaged immediately with the characters, I loved their chemistry, story line was face-paced and riveting--hard to put this book down.Ultimately I had only one gripe with the book and that was a slow prologue. If I didn't love BBD books, I might have put it down. After that, however, the story kicked in and the prologue connected.Definitely recommended reading. Can't wait for the next one!

    5.00 out of 5


  • This is the first time I'm offering a review here and I'm doing it a bit backwards so forgive any mistakes. Like most who have already enjoyed JR Ward as an author, I loved BDB and was looking forward to this sort of spin off series Fallen Angels. I read The Covet which I'll review eventually, but I really enjoyed Crave the second in the series. First off with most of JRW books you can not skip any in the series or you'll be completely lost, Crave begins with the second crossroads cases for new angel Jim Jerron and his very fun hardcore band of not so merry men. He has to defeat an old foe, contend with his own demons and short comings, get use to his new powers, get over his past AND save the day. Lol, in short Jims afterlife sucks ass! That's not even mentioning the ominous council of angels that conveniently show up to throw around the occasional monkey wrench. I found the book amlittle convoluted in some areas but always entertaining. The romance between the secondary characters Grier and Isaac is believable (unlike the first book in the series). The action in moments had me clutching my pearls, there are parts that leave you completely gutted (spoiler)Jims torcher scene in the book was really well written you understood him a bit more when he emerged from the hell of it. His recovery with his pal and fellow do gooder brings a tear to the eye. But you get it together because these are tough SOB's and they wouldn't appreciate your sniveling. The wrap up of this battle is unexpected, especially because JRW is usually pretty predictable and I really appreciated the stroll away from the norm. Sure it had me screaming at my IPod (listened on audiobook) but even that wasn't so bad. All in all I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to the next.OH the sex between Isaac and Grier is pretty fuckhot. Just saying....

    5.00 out of 5


  • As usual Ward spins a busy web that intrigues and is delightful to read! The sex scenes aren't bad either! Looking forward to the next one....

    5.00 out of 5


  • Some reviewers said they liked the first book better than this second one. I can see where they are coming from. We learn a lot more about Jim’s past in black ops but his mission of saving seven souls seemed to go haywire. What the heck is going on? What are the rules and why the heck does it seem the angels and holding Jim back? I’m hoping this is one of those things that gets explained in the next book. I’m not into the romance. I’m thinking it’s a mood right now. I was much more interested in Jim than I was in Isaac and Grier. But if you like romance, they are pretty good romance scenes, but graphic so beware. But I like Jim enough that I don’t mind reading the other POVs while waiting on him. It keeps me flipping pages. I’ll definitely be reading the next book in this series. It’s classic Ward style. And I like Ward’s writing and characters. Looking forward to more from her.

    4.00 out of 5


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