Dead And Alive, Paperback book

Dead And Alive[Paperback]

by Dean Koontz

3.27 out of 5 (13 ratings)

HarperCollins Publishers 
Publication Date:
05 January 2012 
Thriller and Suspense 


The Frankenstein story is updated to the 21st century by the great American storyteller Dean Koontz. Now someone new is playing god. Frankenstein lives! And so too does his monstrous creation ...but this creature of legend is a monster no more and his scarred face bears witness to his maker's wrath. His name is Deucalion. As a devastating hurricane approaches New Orleans, Victor Helios, once know as Frankenstein, has unleased his benighted creatures onto the streets. As New Orleans descends into chaos, his engineered killers spin out of control, and the only hope rests with Victor's first and failed attempt to build the perfect human, whose damned path has led him to the ultimate confrontation with his pitiless creator. But first, Deucalion must destroy a monstrosity not even Victor's malignant mind could have imagined - an indestructible entity that steps out of humankind's collective nightmare with one purpose: to replace us. This is a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time.

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  • Totally Friggin Awesome!! This, being book number 3 in the series, I started less than month ago, I already assumed it would be as good as the other 2 and I was right. I felt for the longest time that Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas character was my all time favorite but I am almost torn and think this Deucalion could be a favorite as well. Now all Koontz needs to do is make a cross over or "What If" title that stares both characters together and I would be insanely excited to read that book. I highly recommend this title to anyone that enjoyed the old Frankenstein tale.

    5.00 out of 5


  • I loved all 3 of the books in this series. I enjoy most of Koontz's books, but this series is different from his other writing, in my opinion. This series has me interested in reading the original Frankenstein book by Mary Shelley, which I have never read. I liked Jocko, who sounded gross, but added comic relief to this story. I don't know what else I can say without ruining the plot of the story for the next reader, other than the fact that I enjoyed it!

    4.50 out of 5


  • Once again Koontz leaves us wanting more, but only after finishing the entire read. Slow at first, and not all story lines were written with as much detail as the first two books, leaving some story lines with blunt endings. Seemed the book was a bit rushed when written, when compared to book 1 and 2. However, would definately recommend reading the compelte "trilogy" we wait for book 4 due out in just a few days!

    4.00 out of 5


  • Frankenstein wasn't immediately one of my favorite series by Dean Koontz. I enjoyed Odd Thomas from the start, but as I finished City of Night and wanted to read the conclusion in Dead and Alive, I finally settled in and enjoyed where Dean Koontz was getting at with Frankenstein.Dean Koontz's Frankenstein isn't your usual Mary Shelley's tortured genius and tormented monster. Duecalion, Carson, Madison, Victor, and Erika are a re-imagining of what Frankenstein was, his vision, his created people, what it means to be human vs. created materialism with a dash of spirituality and mysticism thrown in.I think Dead and Alive ends the initial trilogy well. Life for Duecalion goes on (with a nod to Odd Thomas in the final paragraph). Carson and Madison begin a new life together. With the rebirth of Victor, the series is set up for Frankenstein: Lost Souls this year.Overall, taken as a trilogy, Frankenstein is a good read by Dean Koontz. It has its moments, it witty banter, its cliched dialogue and heroes, but it redeems itself and rewards the reader for enjoying it as a whole. I'd recommend Frankenstein to my wife, my family & friends, and for fans of Dean Koontz.

    4.00 out of 5


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