Go, Dog. Go!, Paperback book

Go, Dog. Go![Paperback]

by P.D. Eastman

4.33 out of 5 (23 ratings)

HarperCollins Publishers 
Publication Date:
03 April 2006 
Picture Books 


Attractively rebranded, this classic brightly illustrated Cat In The Hat Beginner Book is certain to turn even 'non-readers' into readers. Join the big and little dogs at play in this vibrant, action-packed Blue Back Beginner Book. Using a 75-word vocabulary and clear illustrations, pre-readers are helpfully introduced to the concepts of number, colour, and opposites. Beginner Books have been designed to appeal directly to children through the USE of humour, rhyme and bright pictures that can be 'read' even by the non-reading child. Some Beginner Books are simple stories, others are hilarious nonsense: both types have been designed to give children confidence and make them want to go on reading.

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  • It's a good book. It is funny! And cool.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Go, Dog. Go! is one of my favorite children's books. It would be great for younger readers as it deals with ideas of colors and numbers and events. Its story expands as it goes along and keeps the reader interested till the last page.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Perhaps the greatest love story of our time where in the end, he does, with his whole heart, "like that hat."

    5.00 out of 5


  • "Go, Dog. Go!" is a fun story by P.D. Eastman that shows dogs doing crazy things. Some dogs are on a boat while others are on a ferris wheel. There are different types of dogs in the story - big, little, green, blue, black, white, yellow, red, etc. All the dogs are constantly on the go until a little bird tells them to stop because there is a red light. Once the light changes to green again, the dogs take off and head to a party. The common thread in the story is the interaction between two dogs. The one dog asks the other if he likes her hat to which he constantly replies that he does not. Eventually, after creating a party hat, the dog with the hat asks the other dog if he likes her hat. This time, he responds that he does.It is a great story for teaching students about colors or prepositions. Almost every page uses prepositions to describe where the dogs are or what they are doing. The story also uses a lot of comparison to compare two groups - i.e. big vs. little, red vs. blue, etc.

    5.00 out of 5


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