Going For The Green, Hardback book

Going For The Green: Prepare Your Body, Mind, And Swing For Winning Golf[Hardback]

by Susan Hill, Gary Gilchrist and Jeff Troesch

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Sterling Publishing Co Inc 
Publication Date:
10 September 2009 


This book teaches golfers how to master the mental, physical and mechanical aspects of the game! It is from three top experts who have worked with professional golfers. It reveals a technique of varying intensity and volume of training, as used by Tiger Woods. To win, golfers have to get it together and master every aspect of the game: the mental, the physical and the mechanical. That's exactly what they'll learn to do with the help of three top experts who work with the pros. Swing coach Gary Gilchrist, golf fitness trainer Susan Hill and sports psychologist Jeff Troesch unite their talents in this cutting-edge guide to periodisation, an optimal training method popularised by Tiger Woods. Periodisation varies the intensity and volume of training in both long- and short-term plans in order to optimise the body's ability to recover and rebuild. The result: superior performance, less risk of injury and a game that just gets better and better!

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