It's Not About The Bike, Paperback book

It's Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life[Paperback]

by Lance Armstrong

3.56 out of 5 (26 ratings)

Publication Date:
03 May 2001 
Biography: Sport 


It's Not About the Bike was first published in 2000. Detailing Lance Armstrong's battle with life-threatening testicular cancer and his return to professional cycling, it became a huge bestseller, appealing to fans of cycling as well as cancer survivors inspired by his full and dramatic recovery. Dogged by suspicion and allegations of doping throughout his career, in January 2013 in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong admitted to having taken performance enhancing drugs during all seven of the Tours de France in which he competed. The UCI, the world governing body for cycling, stripped him of his titles.

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  • Lance Armstrong is my hero. This book explores his illness in depth, and how hard he fought to beat it. As a cancer survivor who worries that it might return, I view this book as a major source of inspiration. Highly recommended.

    5.00 out of 5


  • One of the most recognizable names in sports. I recommend this to all the athletes that come into the library looking for reading material. More importantly, you don't need to be a sports fan, riding fan, just a fan about living life and taking advantage of adversity for the betterment of yourself and society. A book about inspiration! Recommended for literature circles, too. Grades 9 and up.

    5.00 out of 5


  • This is Lance Armstrong's story through the first Tour De France victory.I admit, cycling does (did) not particularly interest me. That confessed, I have followed the Tour De France from the days of Greg LeMond enough to know who wins.Armstrong's story of growing up with a single parent, surviving cancer, falling in love, winning the Tour De France and having a child is detailed in "It's Not about the Bike" and is riveting in its frankness. Armstrong does not attempt to be politically correct and his humanity touches the reader.I have had this book sitting unread on my bookshelf for several years. That is regrettable.I was slightly amused and then saddened when reading passages in the book about Kristen, Lance's love, wife and mother of his three children. The fairytale is only slightly blemished by Lance moving onto to another love.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Everyone knows Lance Armstrong's story - man with cancer defies the odds and wins the Tour de France a shocking seven consecutive times. But, as the title of Armstrong's story suggests it's not about the bike. Instead it is about a different kind of competition. Fighting cancer. Ultimately, as near death moments will do, cancer changed him. It woke him up to the possibilities of a fuller, more meaningful life. He never would have become a philanthropist without the experience of personal pain. <em>It's Not about the Bike</em> is that journey from hotshot cyclist to a powerhouse with a greater purpose.

    4.50 out of 5


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