Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges, Paperback book

Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges[Paperback]

by Alan Grant and John Wagner

4.00 out of 5 (1 ratings)

Publication Date:
13 September 2012 
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They came from Deadworld - twisted, ungodly versions of Judges, with enough power to destroy the world! Led by the cadaverous super-fiend Judge Death, Judges Fear, Fire & Mortis share a chilling ethos - as only the living can break the law, all life is crime! br The fearsome foursome are intent on bringing their brand of justice to Mega-City One. Only Judge Dredd and Psi-Division's finest telepath Cassandra Anderson can stop them from committing a Mega-City massacre. br These stories also feature in The Complete Case Files 03 and 05, and Judge Anderson The Psi Files Volume 01.

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  • A late National Book Day present. A good read, with plenty of dark humour and tongue-in-cheek grimness. The serious style of the art is a great companion to the story, and they combine into a work that hovers pleasantly between suspension-breaking seriousness and pure silliness, without ever leaning too far into either territory. One downside: I think this collected volume is a little weakened because of the similarity between the stories, which can also seem a bit predictable. I think they probably had more impact in the original magazine, mixed between other adventures of the judges.

    4.00 out of 5


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