Lover Avenged, Paperback book

Lover Avenged[Paperback]

by J. R. Ward

4.12 out of 5 (43 ratings)

Little, Brown Book Group 
Publication Date:
29 October 2010 


Rehvenge, as a half-breed symphath, is used to living in the shadows and hiding his true identity. As a club owner and a dealer on the black market, he's also used to handling the roughest nightwalkers around - including the members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He's kept his distance from the Brotherhood as his dark secret could make things complicated on both sides - but now, as head of the vampire aristocracy, he's an ally that Wrath, the Blind King, desperately needs. Rehv's secret is about to get out, though, which will land him in the hands of his deadly enemies- and test the mettle of his female, turning her from a civilian into a vigilante...

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  • Damn this book was long, but it was utterly fantastic. J.R. Ward really leaves little space for me to criticise. She manages to envelop secondary characters with individual storylines that are all interwoven with the main pairing, Rev and Ehlena and makes everything exciting and interesting. Despite the secondary characters all gaining their own attention it doesn’t take it away from the main storyline. It was lovely to see the reappearance of Wrath and Beth who we meet in the first book, Dark Lover. I advise you all if you haven’t read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series to go rush and buy them! They are utterly fantastic and only get better! However, don’t read them out of order because they really require the precise order to make any form of sense because of the character depth and storyline. By the end of the book I was in the state of happiness and despair. The action Ward creates is indescribable and the ending makes sure we cannot wait for the next book! Rev has to be one of my favourite all time characters! He was on the peripheral for most of the previous books and somebody I failed to connect with, but Ward brought him in at the perfect moment. He’s everything your lead male should be and by the end I was a gooey mess on the floor. A sweet kind of over-indulged mess!After all, he manages to be the strong, sexy male throughout the whole book with this unwavering devotion to protect those he cares for. What more could a girl ask for? Saying that, these book shouldn’t just be labelled as for the female population, because it is clear to me, that both women and men can love them equally. The third person perspective that Ward presents that allows her to adopt the view of so many characters allows you to delve into the story from your own perspective and rather than attempt to view the plot from a female/male perspective you can take it as your own and really enjoy it. My only problem if I had to pick one with this book, is the villain. I truly detest him beyond belief. I think that’s the point, but it’s to the extent that I skim read the sections that follow his life. However, having said that his character is brilliant as a leading villain, but for me, I cannot stand to read about him! This book really does contain everything and the suspense is fantastic. We get a build up of so many key events that it becomes almost the perfect ‘Disney’ moment.I fail to see how Ward can truly offer us more in one book, because she seemed to surpass her usual standards with Lover Avenged and I know I’ll certainly be picking ‘Lover Mine’ up very quickly in deed! Just read the series because you will not regret it!

    5.00 out of 5


  • Brilliant book- just awesome! JR Ward completely came back from the last book- this one was so much more intriguing to me! (I was a little underwhelmed with the previous two books, but boy is Ward back to avenge the other BDB novels- haha!) So do NOT give up on this series, "Lover Avenged" lived up to its title. It has everything I asked for - magnificent (modest) hero/heroine in the illegal entrepreneur Revhenge and nurse Ehlena, intimate love scenes, complex plot...Ward is truly brilliant in that she can make the audience fall in love with a drug dealing, pimp such as Revhenge. Other than Zadist, I think Revhenge is my favorite vampire. Never thought I would say that after our first introductions of Revhenge as Bella's grumpy and overprotective older brother in the previous novels. But now that we finally have him figured out and the history of Revhenge is in the open- he is just as beautiful as Ward pegs his nurse Ehlena to be. Both Revhenge and Xhex were unlikeable to me until this novel. Geesh, now I love them - way to go, Ward.Now we have the lovely nurse Ehlena as the newest main character. She was bold, adventurous, courageous, a parent for her mentally ill dad and reacted in just the ways I felt I would in her situations. You find yourself heartbroken for her situation and feeling just how unfair life can be. But she takes it in stride and makes good with what she has, never really complaining or being whiney. I have to admit she really pissed me off in the beginning with how she treated Rehv. These two obviously belong together and they were both being totally silly. As cliche as this sounds- Ward had written it so that it really felt like a situation you could relate with. Will probably be my favorite couple in the entire series...IF John Matthew & Xhex never get together!My favorite part of this novel may have been the deceit that Wrath put Beth through. It brought the romance back and added some heat to the plot. I was really hoping when reading the last few novels that Ward would bring some of the relationships of the other characters to the forefront of another book... and here she did it with Wrath and Beth. Thank you, Ward! I got what I needed.Sex scenes were pretty incredible in this book- super steamy. No skimping on details. I found myself blushing a few times ;] Also, all the characters have cameos in this novel- the only one I don't recall having any dialogue is Cormia, but she is mentioned in passing. Ward also has Xhex mention a BDB member Muhrder, who went rogue to save Xhex. Can't wait to hear more about him, I'm hoping we do in the next book. Payne, the twin to V, also makes a quick appearance to wrestle Wrath... and 'wake him up.' (Lots of cliff hangers that keep you wanting more!)"Lover Avenged" has the brotherhood making smartass remarks at one another that will make you laugh out loud. It is awesome, I forgot how funny the brotherhood could be. So much humor in the book! It really assists in alleviating tension that builds up in the plot. For instance, when Wrath questioned the effectiveness of a bullet-proof vest he was wearing because of how light it was- V recommends he strap a garage door or maybe a car to his chest. SOOO many great moments like this in this book.Your heart will break with John Matthew... and then again with Xhex as they both like to screw around with each other's (and their own) feelings. I know a book is good when I feel like my heart is breaking along with a character. I'm praying this is all resolved in the next book, it will be an outstanding story... especially with all the history we get on Xhex in this book. You will be like, AGH TELL ME MORE!Long book- but I couldn't put it down. There are so many plots going on at once and they're all intertwined... never was confusing though. It is easy to keep up with. Hopefully you can't put it down either!Well- I loooooved this book. Ward is back and I think I'm happy I've got this book in hardcover! No swapping or trading for me =) There is so much more for Ward to tell us....

    5.00 out of 5


  • Book 7 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood tells the story of Rehvenge. I have been waiting to learn more about Rehvenge. His character has always seemed a little out of place in the brotherhood. As a sympath he was very manipulative, secretive, and on the verge of being out of control. However, as Bella's brother, I was expecting him to have a larger role in the brotherhood. As with all of JR Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Rehvenge is a larger then life, tattooed tough guy with a broken heart. Ehlena has been struggling ever since her father became ill. She meets Rhev at Havers clinic being one of the only nurses that can stand to be in presence. Although Rehvenge knows he has no right to court a lady of worth like Ehlena, he is unable to stop himself.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Yes! J.R.Ward has done it again and "Lover Avenged" is a return to the style of her earlier books. I cried, more than once, while reading this story. A character I really never though I could admire became a hero, and one I already admired became whatever term there is for more-than-a-hero. Fans of the 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' will rave, I'm just headed to make some room on my keeper shelf!Rehv, Rehvenge, or the Reverend...whatever name you use, he's still the same man. Part vampire, part symphath-he's a creature damned by his blood, his birth, and his people; yet somehow he's managed to carve out a life (of sorts) that enables him to take care of those he loves...his mother, his sister, his friends, his employees. For a man who lives amidst the wallow of drugs and death, he is kind and loyal to his friends, and death to those who cross him. This same creature is one who has sacrificed more than most can imagine in their worst nightmares...and continues to do so only for others...asking next to nothing for himself. So what happens when a creature like this has to make a decision between himself and a woman who would be the only one who could save him?Ehlena. She lives a life far different from her peers. Her bloodlines are impeccable, yet she's stretching every penny. Her beauty is that of the glymera, yet she can't remember her last date. She's trapped, willingly, into a life caring for her schizophrenic father. She's a nurse, she's a carer, she knows the difference between right and wrong and believes everyone deserves to be saved. She's also one of the few nurses who can deal with the frightening man who's a regular at the clinic. Their friendship has a rocky start, but quickly becomes what neither was looking for. Will she be strong enough to save Rehvenge?There are a ton of reviews on the plot line of "Lover Avenged". Instead of rehashing those, I'll say what I liked about this book. Ward has given us a deeper look into those on the fringes of her world's societies. Creating a character that's a drug dealer and a killer; then turning him into a hero is NOT something most writers could successfully accomplish. Rehv is an anti-hero hero--probably one of the most human and complex characters Ward has written. She's done a fabulous job of showcasing sacrifice and redemption...and not just for Rehv and Ehlena. In this story, we get more on the current situation with Wrath and Beth...and I dare you NOT to cry. Yes, there's sadness; but there's also a victory; victories in the plural really, in this story about dealing with the worst deck life can deal; and doing so with a strange kind of honor. The stark emotional swings I felt while reading "Lover Avenged" were those of a cathartic nature. There were sad tears and happy tears; characters I loved and characters I hated; all wrapped up in the tension of suspense, relief, hope, and sometimes horror, that didn't let up until the final scene of the book. As always when I read, I try to imagine myself as a character in the book. In this book, I wanted to be at least three of the characters, all at different times. For me, "Lover Avenged" and J.R.Ward have taken the BDB series in another 'zag'; but it's one that's reminiscent of the first few books in the series so it's rather like coming BACK instead of heading out. I don't mind. I'm enjoying this crazy, frightening, wonderful, and scary journey...and I can't wait to see where we're going next!

    5.00 out of 5


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