Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files, Paperback book

Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files [Paperback]

by Rick Riordan

3.86 out of 5 (14 ratings)

Penguin Books Ltd 
Publication Date:
07 January 2010 
Fantasy & magical realism 


In these top-secret files, Rick Riordan, Camp Half-Blood's senior scribe, gives you an inside look at the world of demigods that no regular human child is allowed to see. These highly classified archives include three of Percy Jackson's most perilous adventures, a "Spotter's Guide to Monsters", a "Who's Who in Greek Mythology", "Percy's Summer Camp Report" and much more. So, if you're armed with this book, you'll have everything you need to know to keep you alive in your training. Your own adventures have just begun...

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  • I am reviewing the demigod files. Rick Riordan wrote this book. I chose to read this book because I have read the series, and this book contains more information about Percy Jackson's world. My favorite characters are Percy, Grover, Poseidon, Zeus, and The Minotaur. This is my review.The Main idea of the story is to give you top secret information about Camp Half-Blood. Info such as, a map of camp half-blood, annabeth's suitcase, pictures of your favorite characters, and more. They show pictures of Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares. Percy faces his most dangerous enemies ever.In the first paragraph, I gave my opinion on the story. I also told you the author, and my aspect of the story. In my second paragraph, I told you the main idea of the story. I also told you some of the stuff the book contains. This is one of my favorite books.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Fantastic little gem for fans of the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series to enjoy while waiting for the next installment in the series, "The Last Olympian". Three short stories with familiar demigods and several new Greek mythology references, interviews with campers and even some color drawings and puzzles! A very quick read.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Awesome little collection of random vignettes. It was nice seeing a story centered on Clarice.

    4.00 out of 5


  • A charming book to satisfy readers of Percy Jackson in between other books of the series with three short stories and other informative details about the world of the series. Included in the book along with the short stories are interviews with a number of the main characters, snapshots about the major gods and their roles in the greater world and a number of small word games. This is the kind of book that will provide a happy few days full of more information for a child who already enjoys the story. It will also fill in useful information for someone who's slightly new to the series but due to a lot of information that's assumed in terms of plot, this would not be appropriate for someone who has not read the other books. One of the nice things about the Percy Jackson books is that they're written in a way that a younger reader in late elementary school while still being enjoyable for a high school or middle school reader who will perhaps sympathize more with the main characters.

    4.00 out of 5


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