Potty Training Boys, Paperback book

Potty Training Boys[Paperback]

by Simone Cave and Dr. Caroline Fertleman

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Ebury Press 
Publication Date:
25 August 2007 
Pregnancy, Birth & Baby Care 


Parents of boys will agree that getting sons to relinquish their nappies is often much harder than getting daughters to do the same. In Potty Training for Boys, Dr Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave provide a clear step-by-step guide to redressing this balance and address all the concerns that can particularly affect boys. This invaluable guide takes you through preparation; introducing and encouraging your son to USE the potty; troubleshooting and much more.You'll also learn what kind of behaviour to expect, how to manage it, and even how to anticipate problems, solving them before they arise. Potty Training for Boys ensures that parents, and their sons, pass this important milestone calmly, without worry or stress, and shows that it can even be fun!

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