Seriously, Just Go To Sleep, Hardback book

Seriously, Just Go To Sleep[Hardback]

by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortes

4.11 out of 5 (22 ratings)

Akashic Books,U.S. 
Publication Date:
27 March 2012 
Children's Books 


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  • Very good art work. A Little repetitive but most children like that, makes them feel good when they can guess what’s coming next.

    5.00 out of 5


  • The best bed-time story ever. The cadence is perfect for lulling a child to sleep, and the prose empathize with many parents who struggle to get their little ones to shut their eyes. I love the illustrations and their hybrid graphic design.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Seriously, Just Go To Sleep is the kid-friendly version of the brilliant satirical children’s book Go The F—k To Sleep. While the original book was a freaking hilarious read, it really was purely for an adult crowd and should absolutely not be read to an actual child. What makes Seriously, Just Go To Sleep so effective is that it can be enjoyed by all ages, while still maintaining the book’s overall message and tone, just by removing one swear word. A simple change from the original creates a genius new book that can be appreciated by parent and child alike. Highly recommended.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Is there a person left on the planet who hasn't heard of 'Go the F**k to Sleep' from 2011? The book I gift to ANY adult who is even remotely considering having an angelic little baby. I would make it required reading for would-be parents planet-wide. Reading schedule starts at the prospective Mom & Dad's bedtime. Read repeatedly, quietly, loudly, pleading, begging, groveling, at wit's end, but continuously for at least three hours. Then go to bed and get up at your regular time and go to work. Do this for a minimum of one month. Then reconsider child-bearing options. Because babyhood is the easy part. But why not let the unsleepy kids in on their wide-eyed triumph? So the F-bomb was edited out and this highly amusing little G-rated book is the result. "Seriously, Just Go to Sleep." A trophy book letting the little ones know they have won. Mom & Dad haven't a clue how to get the kid to sleep. You win, kid. What a delicious thing to hear! How often did you hear that from a book or your parents when you were growing up? No wonder kids love this book!Read this book to them at bedtime. Then close the book, turn off the light, shut the door and go to bed. Ignore any sounds after this point - You may just yet get some sleep :-)

    5.00 out of 5


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