Star Island, Paperback book

Star Island[Paperback]

by Carl Hiaasen

3.11 out of 5 (35 ratings)

Little, Brown Book Group 
Publication Date:
02 February 2012 
Crime, Thrillers and Mystery 


Twenty-two-year-old pop star Cherry Pye is attempting a comeback from her latest drug-fuelled disaster. Her 'stunt double' Ann travels everywhere with her, throwing paparazzi off the scent when they get too close. But one night, Ann's resemblance to Cherry Pye proves too convincing - she is kidnapped by an obsessed paparazzo who only realises his mistake once it is too late to go back...From there it's a fast, funny and furious race against time to rescue Ann from a terrible fate. An international bestseller, acclaimed as Hiaasen's most hilarious, gripping novel to date, Star Island is an addictive read.

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  • It's possible I am getting jaded to Hiaason's stories, but this one didn't parse a penny in imagination or flow. He kept me going, but little love of and between the characters would be good. There was only a kind of empathetic caring between two or three of the characters and a more non-caring and unlikeable bunch of charecters I've never seen. Tim Dorsey, Hiaasen's copycat novelist over there in Tampa, went with a seriel killer as a protagonist and I simply cannot read Dorsey's stuff. There is NOTHING funny, either in satirter, sardonicism, or in any kin d of human humour, about killing people, and that leap of the imagination i can not and will not cross. It is too "fictional" to my soul, if you will. Carl is in danger, possibly, of going the same way as Dorsey. Dont do it!. We (the readers) want to casre about their protagonist. That's what he has in Skink -- a person who we have come to care about over the series, aqned why? Because his creator-writer lets the craziness down fairly often whith him and shows us his humanity. Satire doesn't mean you have to be unloveable.

    4.50 out of 5


  • Papparazzi, corrupt real estate development deals, a clueless, utterly untalented pop star whose parents employ a team to keep her and the gravy train going. and crazed former governor of Florida who subsists on roadkill and brings vengeance down on those disrupt the pristine beauty of his state. These are the ingredients that Carl Hiaasen uses to cook up another masterpiece.

    4.50 out of 5


  • Hiaasen is hilarious; and so went Star Island. Another cast of ultra-goofy characters smashing their way through life the best they can. Mega drug drenched starlets versus the paparazzi in south Florida. Loved it but found his language and situations deteriorating into a morass of sewage sex -- an unfortunate yet growing trend with most of today's novelists.

    4.00 out of 5


  • Skink's back and the other characters are just a colorful as they usually are in a Hiaasen book.

    4.00 out of 5


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