The Epiplectic Bicycle, Paperback book

The Epiplectic Bicycle[Paperback]

by Edward Gorey

3.00 out of 5 (1 ratings)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 
Publication Date:
20 October 1999 
Cartoons & Comic Strips 


While Embley and Yewbert are hitting one another with croquet mallets one day, an untenanted bicycle rolls into their garden. This book chronicles their adventures across turnip fields, through barns and into bushes.

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  • Having misread the title as "The <i>Epileptic</i> Bicycle", I was waiting for some kind of velocipedic convulsion which never happened. Having re-read the title, I understand why.<br/><br/>Both text and illustrations are slight and, while not without interest, neither really grabbed me. But, I think there may be more in here than my first reading uncovered, so I'll give it a short while and read it again to see if I can plumb some hidden depths.

    3.00 out of 5


  • A brother and sister fight to take control of an unnatended bicycle. They eventually ride together. They meet a crow who warns "beware of this and that," Embly looses 14 pairs of yellow shoes, they ride through a "lengthy puddle" and meet an alligator. They return to their original spot and discover an obelisk which "said it had been raised to their memory 173 years ago." The bike falls to bits. This is a quirky dark story with charming black and white drawings. It is great for both adults and unique kids.

    out of 5


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