The Shadow Project, Paperback book

The Shadow Project[Paperback]

by Scott Mariani

4.00 out of 5 (2 ratings)

HarperCollins Publishers 
Publication Date:
21 January 2010 


FROM THE #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR Only one man can foil a plot set to change the course of history...Ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope is enjoying life at Le Val, the facility in Northern France where he trains others in the dangerous art of hostage rescue, until a chance incident forces him to take on the role of bodyguard to the Swiss billionaire Maximilian Steiner. The victim of a recent abduction attempt, Steiner believes that a neo-Nazi terror group are bent on seizing a prized document from his personal collection - one that could support claims that the Holocaust never happened. But what initially seemed like a straightforward VIP protection job is turned upside-down by the appearance of a mystery woman from Ben's past. Could he be right about her, or is he losing his edge? On a quest across Europe, Ben finds himself embroiled in a deadly kidnap intrigue and a sinister project that has lain dormant since 1944. The stakes are global - and this time Ben is also fighting to protect the people closest to him...

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  • This could easily have been utter dross, and to be fair at times it balances precariously on the knife edge of quality fiction vs drivel. Yet it Mariani always seems to get away with it. The hero Ben Hope is an ever-so-slightly predictable ex-SAS tough guy with both a brain and a conscience (and even a degree in Theology, although that is only obliquely referred to in this, the 5th of his outings). With romance, Nazis, secret inventions capable of destroying the planet, conspiracy theorists, a misunderstood billionaire, a long lost sister presumed dead, and (slightly bizarrely due to a mistake in the Kindle edition) a prologue reference to Vampires and/or Werewolves, and you've got a novel that rather surprisingly had me gripped all the way through. I'll be looking out the rest of the series.

    4.00 out of 5


  • Quite a nice thriller for the bathtub or the beach with some unexpected turns. This time, Ben Hope gets involved in the mysteries of long-forgotten documents about the work of a high-ranking SS scientist during WW2. Various people have set out to get hold of the papers - and some of them would stick at nothing. As usual, Mariani's characters show much more depth than those of many other thriller writers and their actions, often due to their personal involvement in the case, appear plausible and understandable. Although part of a series of novels, the "Shadow Project" is an original book of its own and highly recommended to fans of mystery crime-novels.

    4.00 out of 5


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