Ultimate X-Men, Paperback book

Ultimate X-Men[Paperback]

4.00 out of 5 (1 ratings)

Marvel Comics 
Publication Date:
01 July 2001 
Graphic Novels 


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  • I love everything Marvel. The storylines are incredible! They have everything you could want: action, adventure, comedy, romance, political intrigue, allegories, metaphors, etc. Some stories drag, some end too soon.

    4.00 out of 5


  • So I went into this with no idea what the "Ultimate" titles were all about. If you're not aware these are basically the Marvel universe restarted for the teens of the 21st century. This is a good thing if you're new to Marvel because you're kind of "getting in on the ground floor" as opposed to trying to catch up on 45+ years of X-men/marvel comics. According to the afterword it worked well because the ultimates are huge sellers.But...If you're an old guy like me and have been reading Marvel comics (although sporadically) for 30+ of those 45 years you may (and I did) get the "been there done that" feeling while reading this. It really doesn't add anything new to the x-men cannon and you already know the story line so you're already worrying about Jean Grey from page 1 (actually she first appears on page 10 but you know what I mean).The art was really nice but this is one of the first comics I've read where I liked the interior art better than the cover art (which just looks kind of cheesy and photoshopy IMO).

    out of 5


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