Vinegar, Hardback book

Vinegar: 1001 Practical Uses[Hardback]

by Margaret Briggs

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Black and White Publishing 
Publication Date:
09 August 2007 
General cookery & Recipes 


What would the British do without vinegar on their fish and chips? Despite the cries of laughter and derision from continental friends, turning to disgust as we put a generous dousing of vinegar on to one of the nation's favourite dishes, there's a sound reason for doing so, and it's not just to make the chips taste better.This book explores the history of vinegar, from the time it was discovered by accident more than 10,000 years ago, through to World War I when it was used to treat wounds in the trenches. It is one of nature's most diverse and miraculous products, capable of doing the jobs of hundreds of household substances without the chemical damage to the environment or our bodies. Why USE chemical cleaning fluids which destroy the elasticity of your skin, when vinegar can clean up even better?With hundreds of uses in every area of life, "Vinegar" is a great reference book which will be returned to time and time again.

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