Winter Moon, Paperback book

Winter Moon[Paperback]

by Dean Koontz

3.93 out of 5 (7 ratings)

Headline Publishing Group 
Publication Date:
08 December 1994 
Horror and Ghost Stories 


Eduardo, a retiree whose wife and son have died, lives on his isolated Montana ranch. His life is peaceful - if lonely - until he is awakened one night by a fearful throbbing sound and eerie lights in the lower woods. During the next several months, one mysterious and disturbing event follows another. Increasingly, he fears for his sanity and his life, until the terrible night when someone - or something - knocks on his back door...Jack McGarvey, a Los Angeles cop, is hammered by submachine-gun fire when a madman goes berserk one lovely spring morning. He barely survives. His partner is not so lucky. Months later, still on disability, with no idea of when he might work again, with Los Angeles growing more violent by the day, he longs to move his family to a more peaceful place. Though he would do anything to protect his wife Heather and son Toby, Jack seems powerless and without prospects. Then, in their hour of desperation, the McGarveys find salvation when they receive an unexpected inheritance. It includes a sprawling ranch in one of the most beautiful, peaceful places in the country. Montana. Excited by their good fortune, the McGarveys set out from Los Angeles to begin their new life - unaware that the terror-riddled and unstable city will eventually seem like a safe haven compared to what lies ahead.

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  • Sooner or later, I'll learn not to pick up a Dean Koontz novel unless I'm committed to read straight through it in my lazy, slow way. This tale of people you would like to get to know could have been stretched out to 600 or 700 pages, and would be by some other writer, but Koontz manages to make you live in the novel's world and see EVERYTHING, especially the dark force monster. I kind of wanted to see the dark force monster win, though, the kid survive, and another book build on that.

    5.00 out of 5


  • much darker Koontz than many of his others, but one of the best. It was spooky suspense, but not horror.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Tone of language: Intense, agitated, focused inwardPlot twists: Gradually one improbable explanation emergesCharacters: They resist sharing their inner feelingsValues: Courage, derived from the urge to protect othersPace: Maddening, drawn-out suspenseBackground Research: HandgunsSexuality: Normal husband and wife familiarityEnding: People can survive trauma, changed but okayOffensive to any group: Animal rights activistsTarget Audience: EveryoneFlaws: Layout of the house is unclear; alien creature is too easily killed

    4.50 out of 5


  • Excellent story. About a cop that gets wounded in L.A. and moves to Montana. Big theme is about how cities have gone to hell.

    4.00 out of 5


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