Wonder Woman, Hardback book

Wonder Woman[Hardback]

by Jodi Picoult, Rachel Dodson and Terry Dodson

4.75 out of 5 (2 ratings)

Titan Books Ltd 
Publication Date:
25 January 2008 
Graphic Novels 


Sent to man's world from the paradise island of Themyscira as an ambassador of peace, Diana Prince is Wonder Woman, the world's greatest superheroine!Wonder Woman has found her place after the Infinite Crisis - posing as Agent Diana Prince - but her world is soon thrown into turmoil as Circe resurfaces with a cunning and malevolent new plan, and the Amazons, led by her mother, Hippolyta, attack America! Can the daughter of Themyscira stop the disaster about to unfold?Written by bestselling author Jodi Picoult ("The Tenth Circle"), with eye-popping art by fan-favourites Terry and Rachel Dodson ("Generation X", "Spider-Man"), the newest chapter in Wonder Woman's life continues in amazing fashion!

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  • Wonder Woman has to fight her own mother, after Circe brings her back to life, in order to save Washington D.C. <br/><br/>

    5.00 out of 5


  •  I've never been a huge fan of Wonder Woman, but see, that's how far I will go for Jodi Picoult. She's the only author who's ever acutally made me cry. (It was My Sister's Keeper that did it-anyone else have that reaction?) So I'm a pretty big fan of hers. I was excited to hear that she would contribute a story for the Wonder Woman comics, making her one of the first female writers of the series. Since this is the second installment, the comic took me a while to understand. While there was a good introduction, it still took me a few pages to get the characters all sorted out, along with the basic plotline. (Then again, maybe I'm just a little slow...) Once it got going, though, I was interested. Wonder Woman becomes fully human as she struggles with anger, mistrust, loss, and betrayal. She may be descended from super-humans, but dealing with humanity can really be a headache, which I can completely understand... ;) I enjoyed, too, the usage of the mythical Amazons. I've always had a soft spot for Hippolyta, since one of my friends played her in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and we discussed her origins and background. (Shakespeare totally dumbed her down, BTW. Ugh.) I don't know if that's an original part of the Wonder Woman story, but I really don't care, because it was really fun. The dialogue, the artwork, and the storyline are all exciting and eye-catching, so much so that I'm thinking I'll stay with this series to see where it goes, even though Picoult won't be writing the next one. **sad face**

    4.50 out of 5


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