Love Is A Four-Letter Word, CD Album cd

Love Is A Four-Letter Word[CD Album]

by Jason Mraz and Inara George

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CD Album 
Release Date:
16 April 2012 
Number of Discs:


Fourth studio album by the American singer-songwriter, who rose to fame after the release of his smash hit single 'I'm Yours' in 2008. This album entered the UK and US Albums Charts at #2 and includes the hit single 'I Won't Give Up'. This deluxe edition includes seven extra tracks.

Track Listing

  1. The Freedom Song
  2. Living in the Moment
  3. The Woman I Love
  4. I Won't Give Up
  5. 5/6
  6. Everything Is Sound (La La La)
  7. 93 Million Miles
  8. Frank D Fixer
  9. Who's Thinking About You Now?
  10. In Your Hands
  11. Be Honest (Feat. Inara George)
  12. The World As I See It
  13. I'm Coming Over
  14. I Won't Give Up
  15. The World As I See It
  16. You Fckn Did It
  17. The Woman I Love
  18. I Never Knew You
  19. I Won't Give Up

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