Doctor Who: Time Flight/arc Of Infinity, DVD

Doctor Who: Time Flight/arc Of Infinity[DVD]

Directed by Ron Jones
Starring Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Anthony Ainley, Nigel Stock, Richard Easton, Keith Drinkel, Michael Cashman, Peter Dahlsen, Brian McDermott, John Flint, Judith Byfield, Peter Cellier, Hugh Hayes, Andre Winterton, Matthew Waterhouse, Graham Cole, Michael Gough, Leonard Sachs, Ian Collier, Colin Baker, Elspet Gray, Paul Jerricho, Neil Daglish and Max Harvey

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Release date:
06 August 2007 
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Country of origin
United Kingdom 
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Two classic episodes from the early 1980s, featuring Peter Davison as the fifth Doctor. In 'Time Flight', the Doctor suggests a trip to the Great Exhibition of 1951 to cheer up his companions Tegan and Nyssa following the death of Adric. However, the TARDIS instead arrives at Heathrow airport in 1982, and its crew discover that a Concorde aircraft has just disappeared mid-flight. Using his old UNIT connections to gain the confidence of Air Control, the Doctor arranges to board an identical plane and trace the flight path of the missing craft. Soon after take-off he is amazed to discover that he has travelled millions of years back in time to Earth's Pleistocene period, where he encounters an old foe... In 'Arc of Infinity', the Doctor is attacked by an anti-matter creature, which attempts to bond with him genetically. With Nyssa, the Doctor has to return to his home world of Gallifrey, the only place the creature could have obtained his bio-data extract. Sentenced to death by the High Council in order to prevent the full bonding, the Doctor has to find the traitor on Gallifrey and prevent the return of his old enemy Omega, who is holding his companion Tegan hostage.This story features the first appearance of future Doctor Colin Baker, in the role of Commander Maxil.

Also by Ron Jones