Gone/the Return, DVD

Gone/the Return[DVD]

Directed by Ringan Ledwidge and Asif Kapadia
Starring Shaun Evans, Scott Mechlowicz, Yvonne Strzechowski, Victoria Thaine, Amelia Warner, Sam Shepard, Darrian McClanahan, Wally Welch, J.C. MacKenzie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Frank Ertl, Adam Scott, Peter O'Brien and Kate Beahan

Universal Pictures 
Release date:
22 October 2007 
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Double bill of psychological thrillers. In 'Gone' (2006), a young English couple backpacking across Australia run into a spot of bother when they catch a lift with a sinister American. Hardly an advisable enterprise in this day and age, but laddish Brit Alex (Shaun Evans) and his well-bred girlfriend Sophie (Amelia Warner) set out to backpack across Australia. Having a lovely time, they think their good fortune is boundless when offered a lift by Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz), a handsome American with a car. Tension builds among the three as Sophie quickly finds herself drawn to the alpha-dog charms of the winsome yank. It's Taylor's custom to take Polaroid snaps of everyone he meets on his travels and, when Alex finds a compromising snap of Sophie among them, the outback air turns positively red with malice. The jaw-dropping wide shot scenery and tight, claustrophobic shots inside the car add to the brooding malevolent mood in this chest-gripping drama. The supernatural thriller 'The Return' (2006), follows a young woman troubled by visions of gruesome past events. Joanna Mills (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a successful salesperson for a Midwestern truck company and on the surface, has everything going for her. Privately, she's being stalked by a former lover and hasn't spoken to her father (Sam Shepard) in years. Worse yet, she's haunted by brutal visions of the grisly murder of a woman she doesn't know. She begins to suspect that the murderer is coming after her next.

Also by Ringan Ledwidge