Millennium: Season 2 (box Set), DVD Box Set

Millennium: Season 2 (box Set)[DVD Box Set]

Directed by Darin Morgan, Perry Lang, Allen Coulter, Thomas J. Wright, Roderick J. Pridy, Kenneth Fink, Rodman Flender, Ralph Hemecker, Dwight Little and John Kousakis
Starring Lance Henriksen, Klea Scott, Megan Gallagher, Terry O'Quinn, Kirsten Cloke, Brittany Tiplady, Allan Zinyk, Stephen Lang, Ricky Harris, Mary Gillis, Amy Steel, Gary Chalk, Dean Winters, Christian Hoff, Steve Rankin, Gottfried John, Philip Baker Hall, Charles Nelson-Reilly, Patrick Fabian, Darren McGavin, Tucker Smallwood, Deanne Henry, Tobias Mehler, Robert Freeman, Michael Weaver, Melinda McGraw, Kimberly Patton, Malcolm Stewart, Ernest Lenart, Vivian Wu, Tzi Ma, Mary-Pat Green, Ed Lauter, Gwynyth Walsh, John Pyper-Ferguson, Genele Templeton, Garry Davey, Christopher Masterson, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Richard Bakalyan, Wally Dalton, Bill Dow, Glenn Morshower and Stephen Macht

DVD Box Set 
20th Century Fox Home Ent. 
Release date:
27 September 2004 
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Country of origin
United States of America 
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All 22 episodes from the second season of the show created by Chris Carter, maker of 'The X-Files'. Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) is an ex-FBI agent with an exceptional ability: he can enter the minds of serial killers. This psychic power gives him a vital role in the mysterious and powerful Millenium Group, an organisation of former law enforcement officials committed to fighting crime as the new millennium approaches. But can he maintain his own sanity even as he views the world through the eyes of a string of crazed killers? Episodes are: 'The Beginning and the End (2)', 'Beware of the Dog', 'Sense and Antisense', 'Monster', 'A Single Blade of Grass', 'The Curse of Frank Black', '19:19', 'The Hand of Saint Sebastian', 'Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense', 'Midnight of the Century', 'Goodbye Charlie', 'Luminary', 'The Mikado', 'The Pest House', 'Owls (1)', 'Roosters (2)', 'Siren', 'In Arcadia Ego', 'Anamnesis', 'A Room With No View', 'Somehow Satan Got Behind Me', 'The Fourth Horseman (1)' and 'The Time is Now (2)'.

Also by Darin Morgan