Star Trek The Next Generation: The Complete Season 1, DVD Box Set

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Complete Season 1[DVD Box Set]

Directed by Michael Vejar, Corey Allen, Richard Compton, Rob Bowman, Kim Manners, Richard A. Colla, Paul Lynch, Les Landau, Cliff Bole, Robert Becker, Joseph L. Scanlan, James L. Conway, Russ Mayberry, Michael Ray Rhodes and Win Phelps
Starring Stewart Patrick, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby, Will Wheaton, John De Lancie, DeForest Kelley, Colm Meaney, Brooke Bundy, Armin Shimerman, Eric Menyuk, Larry Forrester, John Durbin, Kavi Raz, Brenda Bakke, Robert Towers, Frank Corsentino, Elaine Nalee, William A. Wallace, Majel Barrett, Rob Knepper, Nan Martin, Robert Ellenstein, Carel Struycken, Anna Katarina, Raye Birk, Danitza Kingsley, Michael Rider, Lawrence Tierney, Harvey Jason, William Boyett, Mike Genovese, Dick Miller, Rhonda Aldrich, Biff Yeager, Sam Hennings, Patricia McPherson, Carolyn McCormick, Gene Dynarski, Alexandra Johnson, Clayton Rohner, Marsha Hunt, Michael Pataki, Jerry Hardin, Brenda Strong, Paul Lambert, Jandi Swanson, Ivy Bethune, Michele Marsh, Dan Mason, Walter Gotell, Elizabeth Lindsey, Gerard Prendergarst, Mario Roccuzzo, Ward Costello, Robert Schenkkan, John Putch, Robert Ito, Stephen B. Gregory, Tazia Valenza, Vaughn Armstrong, Charles H. Hyman, David Froman, Vincent Schiavelli, Marco Rodriguez, Vyto Ruginus, Julia Nickson, George De La Pena, Judson Scott, Merritt Butrick, Richard Lineback, Kimberly Farr, Michelle Phillips and Rod Loomis

DVD Box Set 
Paramount Home Entertainment 
Release date:
22 May 2006 
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Country of origin
United States of America 
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Entire first series of the popular TV show. In 'Encounter at Farpoint', a double length story, the Enterprise encounters a planet that is being threatened by an alien creature - and to make matters worse, Picard is called before the super-being Q to answer questions on behalf of humanity. 'The Naked Now' has the cew infected by a deadly virus which manifests itself in such symptoms as intoxication and promiscuity. 'Code of Honour' sees Tasha kidnapped by an alien who wants her as his mate. 'The Last Outpost' finds the Enterprise coming face-to-face with the Ferengi for the first time. In 'Where No One Has Gone Before', a warp experiment goes wrong and flings the Enterprise into a strange galaxy billions of light-years from its starting point. 'Lonely Among Us' has Picard's body becomes the host for an alien entity. 'Justice' sees the unfortunate Wes Crusher sentenced to death for violating a local custom on an alien world. 'The Battle' finds Picard taking on DaiMan Bok, who wants revenge for the death of his son. 'Hide and Q' has the crew of the Enterprise D plagued once more by the cosmic trickster Q. 'Haven' sees Riker's heart set to break when Deanna is forced into an arranged marriage. In 'The Big Goodbye', Picard indulges his love of film noir detective stories on the holodeck, only to end up trapped when the system malfunctions. 'Datalore' has the crew of the Enterprise discover the component parts of Lore, Data's twin brother, on a devastated planet. 'Angel One' sees Riker caught up in the politics of a planet ruled entirely by women. '11001001' finds the Enterprise hijacked by an alien race called the Bynars, who upgrade the ship's computer to their own ends. 'Too Short a Season' has the Enterprise accompany the ageing Admiral Mark Jameson to Mordan IV, where his mission is to secure the release of Federation hostages. 'When the Bough Breaks' sees Wesley and various other children from the Enterprise kidnapped by the technologically advanced but sterile civilisation on the planet Aldea. In 'Home Soil', it transpires that the Enterprise is under attack from Microbain, a microscopic life-form, after Data is attacked by a laser drill. 'Coming of Age' finds Wesley preparing to sit an Academy exam, while Picard is investigated by the unpopular Lt Commander Dexter. 'Heart of Glory' has the Enterprise play host to two Klingons who claim to have been attacked by Ferengi. 'The Arsenal of Freedom' sees Picard lead a team to the lifeless planet Minos to search for the USS Drake. 'Symbiosis' finds Picard caught in the middle of a war between the narcotics-addicted Ornarans and their enemies the Brekkans, who possess a possible cure. In 'Skin of Evil', an Enterprise shuttlecraft crash lands on Vagra II and is captured by the evil Armus. 'We'll Always Have Paris' sees the man married to Picard's first love create a hole in the universe. 'Conspiracy' has Picard's best friend suffer from an acute paranoia which leads to the destruction of his starship being destroyed. Finally, in 'The Neutral Zone', the crew encounter an enemy stronger than any they have come across before.

Also by Michael Vejar