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Robert Burns: The Lassies [EPUB eBook]

by George Scott Wilkie

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14 June 2012 
Literary Studies: Poetry & Poets 
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During his short life Burns wrote a great deal of poetry to or about women. Some were written as love poems or songs, intended to sway the heart of whoever had caught his eye, others in honour of a more casual acquaintance whose beauty or talents had impressed him in some way. Others were composed simply as a form of thank you letter for gifts or hospitality that he may have received. Robert Burns The Lassies is a collection of all these poems, each accompanied by a detailed history of Burns' relationship with the subject. This is the definitive compilation of songs and poems about the women in Burns' life. The women are: Nelly Kilpatrick, Peggy Thomson, Agnes Fleming. Isabella Steven, Annie, Eliza, Alison Begbie, Montgomeries Peggy, Mary Morrison, Jean and Anna Ronald, The Belles o Mauchline, All Girls, The Lassies, Elizabeth Paton, His daughter Bess, Coila, Margaret Kennedy, Jenny, Wilhelmina Alexander, Mary Campbell, Susan Logan, Mrs Elizabeth Scott, Isabella MacLeod, Rachel Ainslie, Jane Ferrier, Lady Onlie, Euphemia Murray, Margaret Chalmers, Charlotte Hamilton, Clementina Walkinshaw, Nancy McLehose, Anne Stewart, Jean Armour, Helen Irvine, Jeany Cruikshank, Peggy Alison, Mally, Eliza Johnson, Jean Jaffray, Maggy, Mary, Mrs Oswald, Mrs Dunlop, Mary, The Five Carlins, Margaret Burns, Tibbie Dunbar, Ann Masterton, Eppie Adair, Mrs Sutherland, Mary, Queen of Scots, Anna Park, Eliza Burnet, Deborah Duff Davies, Lesley Bailey, Jenny, Eppie McNab, Bessy, Mistress Jean, The Shepherds Wife, Fair Eliza, May, Willies Wife, Lady Mary Ann, Bonie Bell, Miss Fontenelle, Jean Lorimer, Jessie Staig, Maria Riddell, Meg o the Mill, Jean McMurdo, Phillis, Annie, Mary, Jenny, Anne Graham, Lady Elizabeth Heron, Chloe, Philly, Katy, Nanie, Jeany Scott, The Lass o Inverness, Jessy Lewars

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