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Scream Street 12: Secret Of The Changeling [EPUB eBook]

by Tommy Donbavand

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Walker Books Ltd 
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07 July 2011 
Horror & ghost stories, chillers 
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Just as Luke, Resus and Cleo are working out how to return the fifth relic, a whole new problem presents itself: Eefa Everwell's toddler niece, Poppy, has been replaced by a changeling! And the real Poppy is being held captive in the fairy realm by the evil Crimson Queen... Eefa and her sister are inconsolable, and the three friends vow to rescue the child and bring her safely back to Scream Street. However, the fairy realm holds plenty of surprises - most of them bad. And when Resus becomes tempted to change sides, things get a whole lot more complicated...

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