Storm Of Swords Complete Edition (two In One) (a Song Of Ice And Fire, Book 3), eBook EPUBeBook

Storm Of Swords Complete Edition (two In One) (a Song Of Ice And Fire, Book 3) [EPUB eBook]

by George R. R. Martin

4.51 out of 5 (122 ratings)

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HarperCollins Publishers 
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24 February 2011 
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HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R. R. Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. A STORM OF SWORDS is the third volume in the series.The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud, and winter approaches like an angry beast. Beyond the Northern borders, wildlings leave their villages to gather in the ice and stone wasteland of the Frostfangs. From there, the renegade Brother Mance Rayder will lead them South towards the Wall.The men of the Night's Watch are ready for the coming of a great cold and the walking corpses that travel with it. But now they face a horde of wildlings twenty-thousand strong - hungry savage people steeped in the dark magic of the haunted wilderness - poised to invade the Kingdom of the North where Robb Stark wears his new-forged crown.But Robb's defences are ranged against attack from the South, the land of House Stark's enemies the Lannisters. His sisters are trapped there, dead or likely yet to die, at the whim of the Lannister boy-king Joffrey or his depraved mother Cersei, regent of the Iron Throne. Cersei's ambition is unfettered while the dwarf Tyrion Lannister fights for his life, a victim of treachery.And on the other side of the ocean, the last of the Targaryens rears the dragons she hatched from her husband's funeral pyre. Daenerys Stormborn will return to the land of her birth to avenge the murder of her father, the last Dragon King on the Iron Throne.

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  • I don’t think George RR Martin can be made out of flesh and blood like the rest of us normal folk. His DNA must be coded with pure ridiculous awesomeness. I mean, seriously, just as I didn’t think A Song of Ice and Fire could get better, it does.A Storm of Swords picks off where the first two books in the series leave it. The Seven Kingdoms has been split by the vying factions of various kings: Joffrey on the Iron Throne, Stannis across the narrow sea, Daenerys in exile, Robb in the north, and anybody else that happens to eye the crown. War has broken out, and political treachery and blood lie thick across the continent of Westeros. So much happens in this book that I really can’t provide an adequate plot summary, but as usual, George RR Martin writes with a sort of ruthless realism that makes you understand just how brutal life can be in a medieval setting. There are no prancing ponies here, but tragedy and betrayal and moments that make your eyes pop out of your head and you think: did he really just do that? No way!It’s a complex tapestry, the Seven Kingdoms. Characters lie and cheat and love and fight, and this book was just peppered with fantastic moments, from Daenerys and the Unsullied to Oberyn Martell’s revenge for his sister. I have to admit that not all the characters interested me to the same degree, and I much preferred those in the south to those in the north, but that didn’t diminish my overall enjoyment. Now I’m off to read A Feast for Crows and impatiently wait for A Dance with Dragons to come out. Good stuff.

    5.00 out of 5


  • George R.R. Martin is an author whom you would love to hate but even all through the hardships he'll put you through you would love him even more. All of my favorite characters are in for tough ride in this book and I'm hating every minute of it. I wanted to just pull them out of the book and keep them at my side but Martin has different plans and I trusted him that in the end of the series (book 7?) everybody - except the ones in Arya's death list - would be happy. This book is not for the faint of heart. If you have a high blood pressure then stay away. If you have a heart problem then stay away. I wanted to stay away but the whole ordeal of reading it was worth it. It was the best so far. The series just keeps on getting better! I'm excited to read on!

    5.00 out of 5


  • Epic fantasy novel - very, very epic - that is the third in the series. I thought it was amazing. 

    5.00 out of 5


  • As some background, I should say that I loved “A Game of Thrones” and literally tore through said book. I read the novel in a day, and I don’t think I ate, slept, or spoke during those 24 hours of reading. Needless to say, I was excited to read “A Clash of Kings”, but I found the book to be depressingly disappointing. I struggled to complete it, as I found the plot boringly diluted and the characters to be self-absorbed prigs. It reminded me of how television shows often set up for a really great episode by having a weaker episode featured the week prior, and “A Clash of Kings” certainly was the weaker. When the time came to read the third in the “Song of Fire and Ice” series, I was slightly apprehensive about reading “A Storm of Swords”, and worried that I might be losing interest in the series. Thankfully, my expectations were met and exceeded by this novel.“A Storm of Swords” is a wonderfully action-packed book that is infused with lust, conflict, religion, and political intrigue. Martin’s characters continue to struggle with their morality and the choices that they have made in the past. Jaime Lannister, the kingslayer, is an example of burgeoning morality, as he begins to examine the role he played in murdering the Targaryen king. Events in this book cause Jaime Lannister to shift his perspective, and thus become a fascinating character. Betrayal also runs strong throughout. Perhaps the most shocking act of betrayal involves Lord Frey and the tragic Stark family. I remember being shocked and horrified by how those events played out. Murder is everywhere, apparently, and none of Martin’s characters are sacred.After having finished, “A Storm of Swords” last night, I eagerly began “A Feast for Crows”. Let’s hope the fourth is just as good as the third.

    5.00 out of 5


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