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An artist with profound insight into human nature and the mature talent to deliver it. - The Washington Post

Quietly commanding, single-minded, gimmick-proof, Swift’s fiction has grown organically into a social-emotional record of modern English experience sensed on the pulse, on the tongue - in the heart. - The Independent

Graham Swift

Graham Swift was born in 1949 in London where he still lives. He is the author of nine novels, two collections of short stories, including the recent and highly acclaimed England and Other Stories, and Making an Elephant, a book of essays, portraits, poetry and reflections on his life in writing. With Waterland he won the Guardian Fiction Prize in 1983, and with Last Orders the Booker Prize in 1996. Both novels have been made into films. His work has appeared in over thirty languages.

His latest novel Mothering Sunday begins with an intimate assignation in the spring of 1924 and opens to embrace a whole life. It is a masterpiece of distillation that in the course of telling a riveting story with intense immediacy tells us also why fiction itself matters. Constantly surprising, often funny, joyously sensual and deeply moving, it is Swift at his thrilling best.

Newly published: Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday - Graham Swift

It is March 30th 1924. It is Mothering Sunday. How will Jane Fairchild, orphan and housemaid, occupy her time when she has no mother to visit?

How, shaped by the events of this never to be forgotten day, will her future unfold?

Beginning with an intimate assignation and opening to embrace decades, Mothering Sunday has at its heart both the story of a life and the life that stories can...



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