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Children's Book of the Month

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This is the first in a breathtaking an unique series, packed with magic & prophecy.



Ariadnis by Josh Martin

Back then I thought that if it weren't for that cliff, our cities would be one and there would be no need for all this fierceness toward each other. But then I learned about pride and tradition and prophecy, and those things are harder than rock. Joomia and Aula are Chosen.

They will never be normal. They can never be free. On the last island on Erthe, Chosen Ones are destined to enter Ariadnis on the day they turn eighteen.

There, they must undertake a mysterious and deadly challenge. For Joomia and Aula, this means competing against each other, to end the war that has seethed between their cities for nine generations. As the day draws nearer, all thoughts are on the trial ahead.

There's no space for friendship. No time for love. However much the girls might crave them.

But how you prepare for a task you know nothing certain about? Nothing, except that you must win, at whatever cost, or lose everything.

Meet the author - Josh Martin

Josh Martin was born in 1989 and has been writing since 1995 (probably). He grew up in Somerset where he lived next to a graveyard, communed with trees and with no irony told everyone he was in telepathic communication with unicorns that lived under the sea. All this may have fuelled Josh’s obsession with fairytales and mythology, which he tries to reflect in his stories– mirroring fairy tale structure, borrowing mythological creatures and creating memorable characters.

The characters for Ariadnis, his first novel, first turned up in a short story he wrote when he was thirteen. At the time he remembers an obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a general annoyance that there weren’t more super-powered women in Lord of the Rings the media generally.  Josh graduated from Exeter University in 2011 and Bath Spa in 2014, where he completed the famous Writing For Young People MA.

Josh’s next project, Anassa, is a sequel to Ariadnis which continues the story of Etain and Taurus.

He lives in London with an illustrator/designer, an opera singer/lawyer and a writer/theatre director.