Signing up for an Adobe ID

How to sign up for an Adobe ID

Why should I create an Adobe ID?

Hive eBooks contain Adobe Digital Rights Management, the recognised industry standard within the eBook marketplace. DRM is used to help prevent software piracy. It works by permanently linking an owner’s device with purchased digital content so that it cannot be copied and distributed illegally. This protects both the buyer and the publisher. The person who has purchased the content may copy it to any six compatible devices they own. You will not be allowed to read you eBooks unless you are logged in and your device has been authorised.

Hive eBooks are not compatible with Amazon Kindle.

Creating an Adobe ID account

First off, visit the Adobe website to create an Adobe ID - click the 'Don't have an Adobe ID?' link (see below).



Enter your details in the relevant boxes.

Then click the 'Sign Up' bottom at the bottom of the page and your account will be created! You will also be automatically logged in.