Aurora's Story, Paperback Book


When Aurora finds herself in Heaven following a tragic event, she is confused.

Where is she? How did she get here? How is all this possible? Her many questions are answered by Daniel, her guardian angel, who has been by her side her entire life.

He teaches her everything she needs to know about Heaven and all of God's creatures, who all have their own important part to play on planet Earth.

Aurora learns that she too, will have important work to do, helping other souls who have lost their way back home, to Heaven.

The amazing thing about "Aurora's Story" is that it has come direct from her, via a medium, and is all true.

It is a beautiful story of love, patience and understanding and should give you great comfort.

If you have ever had any doubt as to whether there is more to life than just this existence, "Aurora's Story" is sure to put your mind at ease.




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