Project X: Alien Adventures: Yellow: Class pack x 36, Multiple copy pack Book

Project X: Alien Adventures: Yellow: Class pack x 36 Multiple copy pack

Illustrated by Jonatronix

Part of the Project X series


Nok is missing. Will Max and Ant be able to follow the footprints and find him in On Nok's Trail?Find out what happens when Nok uses his powers to start Tiger's toy trucks in I Win!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?In Popcorn Surfing, Ant and Nok are cooking popcorn.

Find out what happens when Nok puts too much corn into the popcorn maker!The micro-friends take their car to the park in Stuck in the Mud.

Will their day be ruined when it suddenly starts to rain?Max's sister, Molly, has lost the cow from her toy farm.

What else will Max and Nok find in the long grass when they go looking for it?

Find out in The Lost Cow. Nok wants to go for a trip in Max's rocket in The Rocket Flight.

What will happen when they take off and zoom into the air?

Each book comes with notes on the inside front and back covers for teachers, TAs and parents/carers, which give question prompts and points for discussion, phonic practice words, challenge words, and additional activities that children can do.



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