The Little Prince, Paperback Book
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Few books have been as universally cherished by children and adults alike as The Little Prince. A beautiful gift edition of this touching and wise classic children's book, with the original translation by Katherine Woods and full-colour illustrations.

A pilot stranded in the desert awakes one morning to see the most extraordinary little fellow standing before him. "Please," asks the stranger, "draw me a sheep."And the pilot realises that when life's events are too difficult to understand, there is no choice but to succumb to their mysteries.

He pulls out a pencil and paper . . . and thus begins this wise and enchanting fable that, in teaching the secret of what is really important in life, has changed the world forever for its readers.

This stunning new edition of the classic children's book The Little Prince, includes the classic English translation by Katherine Woods and original colour illustrations which will capture the hearts of readers of all ages. Antoine de Saint-Exupery (1900-1944) was born in Lyons, France.

He wrote The Little Prince in the United States during a two-year self-imposed exile from occupied France.

A year after the book's publication in 1943, Saint-Exupery disappeared over the Mediterranean while flying a reconnaissance mission for his French air squadron.

Best known throughout the world as the author and illustrator of The Little Prince, Saint-Exupery wrote several other books that have also become classics of world literature. Katherine Woods (1886-1968) produced the original English translation of The Little Prince in 1943.

It was later followed by several other English translations, but her classic translation is treasured by fans and is often considered to be the definitive English translation.

Her poetic translation perfectly captures the enchantment and charm of Saint-Exupery's storytelling.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 96 pages, colour illustrations
  • Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Classic
  • ISBN: 9780749707231

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I fell in love with the Katherine Woods translation and read it several times. I wore out my copy and bought the new translation by Howard. From the first page, I could tell the difference. I didn't get far before stopping. It's nothing close to the original. And I'm 26, so it's not like I'm bitter over the evolution of language. Howard's "Translator's Note" in the front is a vomitous attempt to justify a new translation:"The translator, it is seen in the fullness of time, so rarely ventures in this fashion, but rather falls back, as I say. It is the peculiar privilege of the next translator, in his own day and age, to sally forth, to be inordinate instead of placating or merely plausible. Time reveals all translation to be paraphrase, and it is in the longing for a standard version of a "beloved" work that we must begin again, we translators--that we must overtake one another."Give me a break. It was clear to me after reading this that Howard was more into himself than the book. "All translation is paraphrase"? His argument is that English changes, and therefore so should this translation of the original French. Weak argument. Just because it's a translation doesn't mean the English is any more dated than Dickens, Fitzgerald, Salinger, Bronte...and nobody has tried to "update" the English in their classics.

Review by

This little book did more to teach me about The Way Things Are than nearly any book I've read since - and I read it in school 34 years ago.

Review by

Nope sorry don't get it. It's just a simple children's' story, what's all the fuss about?

Review by

Astounding. He really gets it. This book is so magical and amazing that I really can't write some sort of brilliant analysis, so I must leave you with some random verbs. Surpassing. There are no other books quite like this, and it must be read by everyone- it is beautiful, wise, and sad.

Review by

One of the first books I read and one of the best ones, as well. :)

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