Jack Of Diamonds, Hardback Book
4.5 out of 5 (4 ratings)


Born and raised in a poor, working-class family in Toronto, Jack Spayd is the son of an unhappy marriage.

But when he is given a harmonica as a young boy, he discovers a talent for music that will change his life forever. 'Jack of Diamonds' is the story of a young, talented man, fighting to achieve his ambitions, and having to use his considerable talents to find his way in a perilous world.




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Jack Spayd begins his life during the Great Depression in a Toronto slum, sharing a home with his drunkard father and battered mother. Life changes for Jack following the gift of a mouthorgan, and a natural talent and a love of jazz music , when he is introduced to the Jazz Warehouse and the benevolence of it's owner. When Jack reaches 18 he enlists in the army and emerges from the war with a medal for bravery. He then heads to Las Vegas to establish his jazz career but instead makes an enemy of the Mafia which forces him to flee to Africa.This was quite a long, rambling book. The story was Ok and it was easy reading, but not riveting.Bryce Courtenay died not long after publishing this book

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My first Bryce Courtenay book. And I must say I wasn't disappointed. The story follows Jack Spayd from childhood in the slums of Toronto during the Great Depression. Through the various life decisions he makes to become a great Jazz pianist and more than useful poker player. Unfortunately he falls foul of the Mafia in Las Vegas and high tails it to Africa, where unfortunately he falls foul of the miners he works with. But it all ends well in London. A very entertaining book in which the master storyteller really shows his skill.

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good but a bit repetatitive , simple as compared to his first book writings - almost too simple I thought , Jack is too good to be true , and its a very long book to read! As i t was his last book I suppose you cant complain!

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This was the last book written by Bryce Courtenay prior to his passing. It was supposed to be the first of a series with this main character. Unfortunately he learnt about his prognosis and that he would not survive long enough to write the second installment. As a result there is a summary chapter at the end of this book of what was to follow in the series so that some closure could be had to the story. It's sad to know that there will not be any more books to add to the Bryce Courtenay collection, and I have enjoyed receiving his books for Christmas every year for as long as I can remember.

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