The Riding Club Crime, EPUB eBook

The Riding Club Crime EPUB

Part of the Nancy Drew series

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This summer, nothings safe at Green Springnot even the camp itself

Elsa, a friend of Nancy and Georges and a counselor at Green Spring Pony Clubs summer camp, invites the girls for a ride one afternoon. Along the way, Elsa gushes about how a team of campers will compete in a regional pony club rally. If they win, theyll go to the national competition! But Elsas excitement quickly fades when Nancys horse falls into a ditch, and its clearly a case of sabotage. This prompts Elsa to tell Nancy about some sinister happenings on the camps grounds. Is someone trying to hurt the campersor the camp?

Disguised as a counselor, Nancy tries to figure out who's behind the vicious accidents. And as they become more devastating, Nancy realizes she needs to move quickly. Will her sleuthing skills be enough to keep this camps horses and their riders on track?