The Birds and Other Stories, Paperback Book

The Birds and Other Stories Paperback

Part of the Virago Modern Classics series

3.5 out of 5 (11 ratings)


How long he fought with them in the darkness he could not tell, but at last the beating of the wings about him lessened and then withdrew . . . 'A classic of alienation and horror, 'The Birds' was immortalised by Hitchcock in his celebrated film. The five other chilling stories in this collection echo a sense of dislocation and mock man's sense of dominance over the natural world. The mountain paradise of 'Monte Verita' promises immortality, but at a terrible price; a neglected wife haunts her husband in the form of an apple tree; a professional photographer steps out from behind the camera and into his subject's life; a date with a cinema usherette leads to a walk in the cemetery; and a jealous father finds a remedy when three's a crowd . . .


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I read this aloud to my son, since he is studying birds this month :) It is actually a great example of attentiveness, and he certainly pays more attention to birds now... This is one of my favorite authors, Rebecca being my favorite book of hers. She is very good at suspense. The threat of danger implied. More in your imagination than in what is actually written.

Review by

"The Birds" is a dramatic story of a small town in Europe being attacked by all different kinds of birds. Neither the citizens, nor the government can explain why the birds are doing this. All they know, is that they have to protect themselves. They witness many of their neighbors and friends injored or even killed by these birds, and they know that this is no joke.The family that the story follows boards up their house, stuffs the chimnies, and stocks up on food and other supplies to last them however long they are needing to stay hidden in their house.

Review by

The story is about a man from a small costal town in Engand. Birds suddenly start gathering in large numbers. They attack everyone they see. The man tries to warn his neighbors, but they think he's crazy. He boards up his house, and takes his family inside. They try to wait out the attacks.

Review by

Out of nowhere, a flock of birds starts attacking a small town. So, people are boarding up their houses to keep the psycho birds away. Some theories that the town members have as to why the birds are acting this way are: they are hungry, they are trying to save themselves from going extinct, the recent change in the climate is affecting their behavior. When the birds look at their reflections in windows or mirrors, they respond by swooping down and hitting the glass with full force. Many of them die this way; all of the remaining birds fly away.

Review by

The Birds is a story of a small town being attacked by birds. The people, and the gov. cant explain why the birds are freaking out. Alot of their neighbors and friends get hurt or killed by the birds, and they are scared.The family covers their windows, and stocks up on food and other stuff to last them till the birds go away.

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