Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, Paperback Book

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure Paperback

4.5 out of 5 (5 ratings)


If someone called you a 'googlewhack' what would you do?

Would you end up playing table tennis with a nine year-old boy in Boston?

Would you find yourself in Los Angeles wrangling snakes, or would you go to China to be licked by a performance artist?

If your name is Dave Gorman, then all of these things could be true. Fuelled by a lust for life and a desperate desire to do anything except what he's supposed to be doing (writing that novel and growing up), Dave falls under the spell of an obscure internet word game - Googlewhacking.

Addicted to the game, and gripped by obsession, Dave travels three times round the world, visiting four continents and the unlikeliest cast of real life eccentrics you'll ever meet in what becomes an epic challenge, a life-changing, globe-trotting Googlewhack adventure.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Ebury Publishing
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Humour
  • ISBN: 9780091897420

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Review by

Very funny.Read this then watch the stage-show to really eke out the most from Gorman's wit.

Review by

I’ll start with a confession: I suspect that I am exactly the kind of person to whom this sort of book would appeal. While I don’t believe I’d ever do anything quite so extreme to avoid the commitment of writing a novel, I am, nonetheless, a procrastinator at heart. And there is something about books of this genre that makes that little voice in my head pop up and exclaim, “What a cool idea!!” Trying to meet fifty-three other people with the same name as you? Count me in. Travelling around a small country with a large fridge appliance? I’m there. Playing tennis against every member of an obscure Eastern European nation’s football team? Why not? Saying ‘yes’ to everything for a year? What an interesting sociological experiment! These are all ridiculous adventures that have led to equally ridiculous but highly entertaining books.So when I picked up Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack! Adventure, I knew from the start that it was likely to be something I’d enjoy. I wasn’t wrong. Yes, Dave seems to have taken procrastination to new heights, and if he hadn’t got a publishing deal out of it all then I would be seriously worried about the likely fragile nature of both his mental health and his bank account. But what stops this from being a cringe-worthy and pity-inducing book is his ability to take us inside his head at each encounter with another Googlewhack, and to help us understand the occasionally bizarre thought processes which drive this obsessive quest.Travelling all over the world, including numerous flights back and forth across the North Atlantic, Dave meets his Googlewhacks and has a brief insight into the different lives of ordinary (and in some cases not so ordinary) people. I could feel the fun and excitement when he played Yankee Grab at a family’s Christmas party in Boston. I could feel his squirming sense of discomfort as he sat opposite an 81-year-old Creationist in San Diego. And I could feel his utmost despair in Austin, Texas when within minutes his chain of Googlewhacks disintegrates, prompting him to go out on the town and drink himself into a stupor – one which also involves waking up to discover a tattoo of a fake Texan drivers’ license permanently imprinted on his left arm. Dave might be a chronic procrastinator, but fortunately for us he is also a masterful storyteller. If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted read, enjoy vicarious travel, and aren’t averse to a dose of silliness every now and then, give this book a go: it might be the most fun you can have without leaving your chair.

Review by

Found on the bookcase discarded from uni by my son, picked up for a light bedtime read, wrong! once I started it I couldn't put it down. An interesting sight into a 30 something's life who should be growing up but thank goodness he didn't.I now have to read Are you Dave Gorman as recommended by 2 son's.

Review by

Nice easy read, very engaging & funny. Makes you feeling like emailing a stranger!

Review by

Dave Gorman had just turned 31 and made the rash decision that he wanted to be taken more seriously. He decides the best way of accomplishing this is to grow a beard and write a novel and so makes a call to his agent who, in turn and wholly unexpectedly, sets up a meeting with a publisher. The publisher likes the idea and a contract is signed and an advance is paid. Now that he's committed though Dave can't seem to get past the distractions, CD collection alphabetised, fridge defrosted etc. But by far the worst was the computer he was sat at trying to write. It just so happened that this computer was connected to a thing called the internet and the internet contains everything in the whole wide world ever. One of the things you can do on the internet is check your e-mails and on one particular day that Dave was procrastinating an e-mail arrived asking him if he knew that he was a googlewhack. Not knowing if that was a good or bad thing he enquired further into the subject and found out the answer. If you put two words into the Google search engine and it only returns one result then that is a googlewhack. There are a couple of supplementary rules to go along with it but that's the general upshot. Having been told he was one (Francophile Namesakes) he now had to find one himself and become a proper googlewhacker. This he does and even arranges to meet the person on the end of the one he found. He in turn finds another and this turns out to be someone that Dave recognises. A certain Mr. David Gorman! No, it's not him it's someone with the same name who Dave met while on another adventure (see <i>Are You Dave Gorman?</i>). And as he could do with a few days away in the South of France he arranged to meet back up with him and tell him what a googlewhack was. David then challenged Dave to see if he could find 10 googlewhacks in a row before his 32nd birthday. As with every good challenge there were rules to abide by. Every googlewhack was to supply another two googlewhacks and the time limit was set for Dave's next birthday.This set-up provides the backdrop for a humorous travel adventure where Dave follows the leads provided by the googlewhacks and sets off to meet a varied cast of people from all around the world. Reality often exceeds his expectations about these people and his own emotions are laid bare throughout his commentary of events. Can he succeed with his latest madcap adventure and what will happen with the unwritten novel? Read this (or watch the show) and find out.