2012 and Beyond : An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead, Paperback Book

2012 and Beyond : An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead Paperback

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The year 2012 is expected to be auspicious according to ancient prophecies, particularly from the standpoint of spiritual growth, and this handbook puts these forecasts and the vaunted end of the world into perspective with interpretations from angelic realms.

With details on what will happen on a continent-by-continent basis, readers will learn about the effect on the 2012 Olympics, the opening of cosmic portals, how individual lives as well as communities will be altered in the time following this momentous year, and forecasts for the year 2032-when the new Golden Age of Atlantis is said to come into being.

Practical guidance to assist people in preparing for their role in this incredible transformational shift is also included.




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At first I was a bit disappointed with this book because it wasn't quite as specific as the other books I've read on the subject of 2012. This is also the first book I've read by Diana Cooper, so I hadn't really known what to expect. But I quickly learnt to appreciate her; she is "highly connected" as regards angels and other high beings, and this is the reason she has access to the knowledge of what is happening, and what will happen, in these exciting times. I haven't actually read any other books quite like this one, or at all like this one - it is so uplifting (she must herself already have reached the 5th dimension) and contains such invaluable information.We are informed that 21 December 2012 marks the start of a 20-year transition period, which will lead us into a Golden Age. "Lady Gaia" has decreed that Earth and all on her must ascend, i.e. rise in frequency. In 2012 there will be a "gradual but accelerated" awakening as people raise their frequency. Those souls who are not "prepared" will "choose at the end of their current incarnation to continue their journey on another third-dimensional planet". Though the author doesn't say so specifically, I think she means that these people will choose to leave their incarnation (die) in part by means of some of the natural catastrophes that are occurring/will occur and incarnate next time on another 3D-planet, because Earth will have moved into the 4th/5th dimension. Thus is what other sources inform us.Many people will start to hear or see spirits, fairies, angels and the Illumined Masters. Many may not be able to cope with the "faster vibrations of light" coming in, and may become ungrounded or mentally ill.The highest possibility is that many of those in the 3rd dimension will open their heart chakras and be shifted into the 4th. With our hearts open we will honour ourselves and each other, treat all beings with respect and have a feeling of Oneness with animals, plants and other human beings.Those now in the 4th dimension will move into the 5th. Those in the 5th before 2012 will ascend, i.e. "carry the light of their I AM Presence in their auras".The author's guide Kumeka tells her that we must all focus on the positive to "tip the balance" to the side of light". There is the possibility of mass ascension, miraculous healings and other wonderful happenings.The full moon on 28th November and 28th December will result in exceptionally high tides, which will "almost certainly" trigger flooding in low-lying areas.The book contains a vast amount of information about high beings who will be helping us, particularly the angels and the unicorns. It presents so much new information it may take several readings to even begin to absorb it all.We learn about Orbs, which are angels impressing themselves onto film to give us proof of their presence. The Mahatma Energy, abused and therefore withdrawn at the end of Atlantis, is now available to us again. It includes aspects of the 12 rays, the Christ energy, Buddha energy etc; it is the highest accessible energy and will accelerate our ascension immensely. It is a golden white light which will heal us and our relationships and situations on all levels.Two important cosmic moments are 11.11 a.m. on 11 November 2011 and 11.11 a.m.on 21 December 2012 (would this be local time wherever you are on the planet, or G.M.T.?) At these times high frequency light will be poured upon us. Miracles and "a further boost to enlightenment and ascension" will occur.We are given innumerable, invaluable meditations, exercises, etc., including "The Vision Prayer". These can help us to contact, for example, Archangel Metatron and Kumeka, Lord of Light, to visualize world harmony, send healing to various areas of the world, help the trees, help "stuck souls" to pass, etc. etc.There is a chapter about the Olympic games in 2012, which includes the location of the spiritual planetary chakras, one about cosmic portals opening in 2012, including information about the 12 rays, and chapters concerning the crystal skulls, the twelve ascension chakras, Lemuria and Mu and so on. This is all fascinating stuff.The book contains a section about the transition period 2012-2032, which comprises weather changes worldwide and "forecasts" for the various areas of the world. Section 3 deals with 2032 and beyond. By 2032 most people will have anchored their twelve chakras and will have "opened psychically and spiritually to some of their genetically encoded gifts". People will generally communicate telepathically - phones will not be necessary. The Internet will still be available but be much more sophisticated and based on spiritual technology similar to that used in "Golden Atlantis". Only positive information will be transmitted. Lighting and heating will be provided by sunlight or other natural energy. There will be no government or leaders - everyone will work together for the highest good.Soon after 2032 fifth-dimensional golden cities will arise. There will no longer be any high-rise apartment blocks, the houses will be built of strong biodegradable material, and people will be able to levitate and transport themselves short distances. To travel greater distances there will be vehicles resembling hovercraft.It will be a Utopian world with no ego or power struggles, and it will be important for us to be creative and do whatever fulfils us. Most will be vegetarians though some will eat fish.This inspiring book contains much wonderful information, and much more than I have even touched upon.I strongly recommend that you buy the book, even though you may be sceptical of many of the things I have mentioned.I will certainly now be reading Diana Cooper's other books to get more information about the high beings with whom she is in contact and who can greatly assist us in our development to prepare us for this amazing transition we human beings, Earth and the other planets in our solar system, are in the process of undergoing, or shortly will undergo.

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Well the score is probably 5* if she's right but somehow it doesn't resonate in good ways with me.som of the angel names just sound wrong, the historical revisionism that means that ancient times were idylic and all sweetness and light is not something that I can easily work with. While there may have been some people who were more enlightened, there are also arguments that some people were not that nice at all. The modality that all people will connect with the same consciousness and all will resonate the same doesn't ring true either. While posessions may become defunct (you still can't have my yarn stash) if I was to do what my heart wants me to do I would write and craft in crochet and knitting, that needs goods. While some people may be better off as vegetarians, others don't find that an ideal diet, and many people from many cultures ate meat, but had respect for the spirit of the creature that provided them with their meat.It gets three stars because it made me think about some things and basically wonder where I'm going with my life, if there is big change in how things work I can only hope that it makes me a happier person, however I don't think that the way Diana Cooper presents the future resonates well with my life or the way that I hope to lead a life. If she's right I'll apologise in 2032, but in many ways I hope she isn't.p 70 "These special souls agreed to soak up into their energy fields the negativity of lust, greed, power struggle, poverty consciousness and so on held within the earth. And on that day the tsunami bore them all into the light together, carrying the toxins with them." about the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. This thinking makes me a bit twitchy and I think is overly simplisticText says: Countries and races will start to understand that differences are only skin deep. They will begin to honour and respect each other's cultures. I honestly don't think the author understands honouring cultures, this book is a mishmash of cultural tropes taken out of context and belief systems with superimposed Abrahamic concepts." are two comments as I read the book, they still stand, I find that she has a limited world-view and blends too much stuff without respect for it's origin.