Three Ages of Atlantis : The Great Floods That Destroyed Civilization, Paperback / softback Book

Three Ages of Atlantis : The Great Floods That Destroyed Civilization Paperback / softback


15,000 years ago the Earth's axis tilted, shifting the geographic poles.

Volcanoes erupted, the icecaps melted, and the seas rose dramatically.

Antarctica was enveloped in ice, destroying the high civilization of prehistory: Atlantis.

But before the survivors could reestablish what they had lost, catastrophe struck again--twice.

Uniting scientific findings with theories on the location of Atlantis, the authors reveal that there was not one but three Atlantises--the first in Antarctica, the second in South America, and the third in the Mediterranean.

Examining paleoclimatology data, they show that Antarctica was temperate 15,000 years ago and home to the original Atlantis.

They explore geological evidence of three worldwide super-floods 15,000, 11,600, and 8,700 years ago and show how these dates directly parallel the freezing of Antarctica, the arrival of Cro-Magnon man in Europe, and the destruction of Atlantis according to Plato.

Uncovering the influence of the Atlanteans in Proto-Indo-European languages and in massive ancient monuments aligned with the stars, they show how the civilization founders in all early myths--the Pelasgians, Danaans, Viracocha, Aryans, and others--were part of the Atlantean diaspora and how this migration split into two major movements, one to Latin America and the other to Europe and Asia.

Following the Atlanteans from a warm Antarctica up to Peru, Mexico, and the Mediterranean, they reveal that Cro-Magnon men are the people of Atlantis and that we are just now returning to their advanced levels of science, technology, and spirituality.


  • Format: Paperback / softback
  • Pages: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Folklore, myths & legends
  • ISBN: 9781591431794



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