Convoluted Universe: Book One, Paperback Book

Convoluted Universe: Book One Paperback

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Dolores Cannon is the most exciting author I've encountered for a very long time, and since this is the first of her books I've read I've got a lot to look forward to,She's a hypnotherapist and gets the information for her books, or at least this one, from regressions carried out on her clients. These regressions do not merely take the client back to run-of-the mill past lives - no, contact is made, for instance, with fascinating beings from other constellations who have access to all knowledge. In fact, much of the knowledge revealed is so advanced that it is quite difficult to understand, also because the persons involved lack words to describe these advanced concepts.New information is forthcoming about the demise of Atlantis together with disclosures about genetic experiments carried out there to create mixtures of humans and animals who/which acted as servants.There is a chapter on unexplained mysteries revealing, among other things, information about the Loch Ness monster (there are apparently not one but seven of them, and also a few in a lake in Africa and two in a lake off the Amaxon river.)This material is so concentrated, it is difficult to take it all in, and one would really need to read the book several times, which I haven't done, in order to digest its content at all.Crop circles are explained as being formed by "energies within the earth" and constitute messages for us, which we ourselves must decipher.For me, one of the most interesting chapters was the one on parallel universes. There are an infinite number of these and they're always intersecting. Amazingly, each one of us is constantly responsible for creating new parallel universes, each time we make a decision to do something, no matter how small. The example is given of choosing between rubbing your nose, scratching it or sneezing. You do one of these but "the energy of the other two possible outcomes has to go somewhere". So at that moment two other universes come into being.Cannon also interviews a "mechanical person" who was created on another planet for use as a slave or servant. He contained a soul, or rather about 10% of a soul contributed by his creator by its being blown into him in some way. The creator thus lost this 10% of his soul. So both the creator of the mechanical person and the mechanical person himself had the same soul as the regressed woman. This regression back to a robot type of person was a first for Cannon.Finally, a tale was told about a consciousness that had its home in the Sun. When there it felt one with the whole, it WAS one, but when leaving the Sun it individualized.These titbits are just a very few of the more comprehensible subjects the book touches on. The author presents many more fascinating interviews about way-out matters.If you're open to expanding your conssciousness and views on what is possible in the many universes and dimensions that exist, read this book. (And I'm not really sure I understand what a dimension is, but perhaps when I've finished reading all Cannon's books, I might have a better clue.)