Studies in The History of Medieval Italian Painting, Volume IV, Hardback Book

Studies in The History of Medieval Italian Painting, Volume IV Hardback


The four volumes of Edward Garrison's Studies, published between 1953 and 1962, represented a landmark in the study of medieval Italian painting.

They made available for the first time photographs of all miniatures of the region and period concerned - principally the former Papal States and Tuscany in the twelfth century - which the author was able to track down, along with a generous selection of ornamental initials from almost every decorated manuscript he examined.

The contemporary wall-paintings and panels from these regions are also illustrated and discussed.

They represent one of the most valuable sources of information about twelfth-century painting in existence, and everyone interested in European art of that period has at some time found himself gratefully using them.

A serious attempt has been made to get all this material into order, and the general lines of development have been set out. These four volumes make available the complete corpus of Edward Garrison's work on medieval Italian painting.

The two principal studies are concerned with 'Twelfth-Century Initial Styles of Central Italy' (serialized here in eleven sections) and 'Twelfth-Century Umbro-Roman painting' (serialized in six sections).

Most of the non-serialized items are studies of individual manuscripts, but one should note the presence here of Supplements IV-VI to Garrison's Italian Romanesque Panel-painting: an index (Nos.

I-III are available in Early Italian Painting: Selected Studies.

Vol. I). The reprinting of these four volumes should be particularly welcome to art-historians, since they were originally issued in fascicule form, and many art-historical libraries lack copies. Volume IV Contents: Pictorial Histories XII. A Gradual of S. Stefano, Bologna. Angelica 123 Toward a New History of the Siena Cathedral Madonnas Sienese Historical Writings and the Dates 1260, 1221 and 1262 applied to Sienese Paintings Additions to Masters: The Avila Bible Master, The Naples Bible Masters, The Second Master of the S.

Maria del Fiore Homilary, The Gaddiana Master Pictorial Histories XIII.

Manuscripts of Spoleto-Norcia Contributions to the History of Twelfth-Century Umbro-Roman Painting VIII.

Part II. Materials. The Italian-Byzantine-Romanesque Fusion in the Second Quarter of the Twelfth Century. 1. The Pantheon Bible and its Illustrators, 2. Manuscripts Stylistically Related to the Pantheon Bible, 3.

Other Manuscripts, 4. Umbro-Roman Influence outside the Region Supplement.

IV. Precursors of the Revival. I. Local Byzantinizing Style. In the Umbro-Roman Region. la. A Unique Passionary of the Tusco-Umbro-Sabine Region Supplement.

V. The Italian, Byzantine, Romanesque Fusion in the First Quarter of the Twelfth Century. 4. The Genoa Bible Master and his Collaborators Note on the Iconography of Creation and the Fall of Man in Eleventh and Twelfth-Century Rome Rome, S.

Clemente, again Pictorial Histories XIV. A Missal of S. Felicita of Florence (Laurenziana, Conv. Soppr. 233) Additional Pre-Revival Umbro-Roman Manuscripts II Twelfth-Century Initial Styles of Central Italy.

Indices for the Dating of Manuscripts, Part II. Materials. Supplement II. The Late Geometric Style: Third Quarter of the Twelfth Century. 1. The Umbro-Roman Region, 2. The Florentine Region, 3. Tuscan Manuscripts not more precisely Attributable, 4.

The Pisan Region, 7. The Lucchese Region, 8. The Pistoiese Region, 10. Central Italian Manuscripts The Late Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Century.

The Late Third or Early Fourth Quarter of the Twelfth Century, The Fourth Quarter of the Twelfth Century, The Late Twelfth or Early Thirteenth Century, Thirteenth-Century Survival or Revival in Tuscany, Thirteenth-Century Survival or Revival Outside Tuscany Supplement III.

Transitional Geometrical Manuscripts, Middle Geometrical Manuscripts, Additional Manuscripts Checklist Corrections and Amplifications Checklists of Other Central Italian Geometrical Manuscripts. The Spoleto-Norcia Region, The Aretine Region Checklist of North Italian Geometrical Manuscripts Addenda ad Indicem VI A Cassinese Psalter and Diurnal (Vat.

Urb. Iat. 585) A Tusco-Umbro-Sabine Breviary and Missal (Casanatense 1907) An Emilio-Romagnole Homilary-Passionary (Vat. lat. 1267-70) A Florentine-Fiesolan Passionary with Lucchese Decoration (Laurenziana, Conv.

Soppr. 298) A Sacramentary for Roman Use with Sicilian Decoration (Vatican, S.

Pietro F. 18).


  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 462 pages, 394 illus.
  • Publisher: Pindar Press
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  • Category: Painting & paintings
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