Turbulent Times in Mathematics : The Life of J.C. Fields and the History of the Fields Medal, Paperback / softback Book

Turbulent Times in Mathematics : The Life of J.C. Fields and the History of the Fields Medal Paperback / softback


Despite the renown of the Fields Medals, J. C. Fields has been until now a rather obscure figure, and recovering details about his professional activities and personal life was not at all a simple task.

This work is a triumph of persistence with far-flung archival and documentary sources, and provides a rich non-mathematical portrait of the man in all aspects of his life and career.

Highly readable and replete with period detail, the book sheds useful light on the mathematical and scientific world of Fields' time, and is sure to remain the definitive biographical study. --Tom Archibald, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada Drawing on a wide array of archival sources, Riehm and Hoffman provide a vivid account of Fields' life and his part in the founding of the highest award in mathematics.

Filled with intriguing detail--from a childhood on the shores of Lake Ontario, through the mathematics seminars of late 19th century Berlin, to the post-WW1 years of the fragmented international mathematical community--it is a richly textured story engagingly and sympathetically told.

Read this book and you will understand why Fields never wanted the medal to bear his name and yet why, quite rightly, it does. --June Barrow-Green, Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom One of the little-known effects of World War I was the collapse of international scientific cooperation.

In mathematics, the discord continued after the war's end and after the Treaty of Versailles had been signed in 1919.

Many distinguished scientists were involved in the war and its aftermath, and from their letters and papers, now almost a hundred years old, we learn of their anguished wartime views and their struggles afterwards either to prolong the schism in mathematics or to end it.

J. C. Fields, the foremost Canadian mathematician of his time, was educated in Canada, the United States, and Germany, and championed an international spirit of cooperation to further the frontiers of mathematics.

It was during the awkward post-war period that J. C. Fields established the Fields Medal, an international prize for outstanding research, which soon became the highest award in mathematics.

J. C. Fields intended it to be an international medal, and a glance at the varying backgrounds of the fifty-two Fields medallists shows it to be so.

Who was Fields? What carried him from Hamilton, Canada West, where he was born in 1863, into the middle of this turbulent era of international scientific politics?

A modest mathematician, he was an unassuming man. This biography outlines Fields' life and times and the difficult circumstances in which he created the Fields Medal.

It is the first such published study.




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