Anson's Gold : And the Secret to Captain Kidd's Charts, Paperback Book

Anson's Gold : And the Secret to Captain Kidd's Charts Paperback


After a decade of research, author and broadcaster George Edmunds has finally unlocked the meaning of the mysterious cipher carved into the famous Shepherd's Monument in the grounds of the Shugborough Estate, Staffordshire, Lord Anson's ancestral home.

This 300 year old secret is the final link to locating the multi-million pound Treasure hidden by a Spanish Captain-General.

Lord Anson heard of this treasure through his position as Lord of the Admiralty and membership of the Royal Society.

A secret expedition met with unforeseen circumstances preventing recovery.

The decoding of the cipher proves Lord Anson's involvement and when you know the secret, it is obvious that this is what the monument was for.

This revelation also proves the direct link to Rennes-Le-Chateau in the South of France and its enigmatic 'religious' mystery.

A mystery no more. Besides telling the story of Lord Anson's search for this huge treasure, stories are told of the unsuccessful treasure hunts that followed.

Seemingly unrelated, these include Cocos Island, Juan Fernandez Island and Oak Island.

All have common DNA connecting them to Lord Anson's expedition. Also, the enigmatic treasure charts of Captain William Kidd found before WW2 whilst linked to this story, are shown to be fraudulent.




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