My First Dinosaur Book, Board book Book

My First Dinosaur Book Board book

Illustrated by Graham Rosewarne


This is a simple yet detailed introduction to the incredible world of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Did you know that Maiasaura was the length of a bus, or that the bite of Tyrannosaurus rex was twice as powerful as that of a lion?

Stunning illustrations by Graham Rosewarne bring more than 50 of these magnificent beasts back to life.

It is designed for children and adults to enjoy together, with a wipe-clean padded cover and sturdy board pages.

It includes a handy pronunciation guide to the dinosaurs' names - everything from Albertosaurus (al-ber-toh-saw-rus) to Velociraptor (vel-o-si-rap-tor)!

Children are never too young to enjoy looking at and learning about dinosaurs!

Here they can see and read all about the massive plant-eater Brachiosaurus, which was as tall as the trees and as heavy as 12 elephants; the enormous wingspan of the flying Quetzalcoatlus, which made it as big as a small aircraft; and Ankylosaurus, which was the size of a tank and was protected by bony plates and spikes.

Sturdy pages, clear illustrations, and simple text make this book the perfect primer on these amazing creatures and the world in which they lived.




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